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Safety, Security, Crime & Emergency Numbers

Crime in Luxembourg is almost non-existent but does exist in two forms; Corruption and Prostitution (and Human Trafficking).

Corruption occurs primarily in politics (around 53% of surveyed households by Transparency International considered political parties to be corrupt with a further 33% holding the same view on Parliament) but it does occur to some small degree in business as well.

Luxembourg is a destination country for women trafficked for sexual exploitation and labour (often forced on both accounts) and has had women trafficked in from mainly other European countries (mainly Bulgaria and Ukraine) but also, more recently, from Africa and Latin America. However, the government has recently taken many steps in an attempt to cease this activity and has convicted and sentences six traffickers in 2007. Women caught in forced or paid prostitution are usually deported back to their country of origin. Convicted traffickers are typically sentenced for smuggling, human trafficking, procuring prostitution and often, rape.

Emergency Numbers

112 - General Emergency (Ambulance, Police & Fire)