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Languages & Phrases

Salut Sah-loo Hello/Hi
Au Revoir Aw Rev-wah Good Bye!
Parlez Vous Anglais / Francais? Pah-lay Voo On-glay / Fron-say Do you speak English / Spanish?
Je M'appelle... Sheh Map-el My name is…
Pouvez Vous M'aider? Poo-vay Voo May-de Can you help me?
Je Recherche... Shey Ree-chursh I’m looking for…
Oui / Non Wee / Noh Yes / No
Merci Mur-see Mr / Mrs / Miss
Aujourd Hui / Maintenant Oh-shord Wee / Mane-ten-on Today / Now
Demain / Hier Deh-mon / He-air Tomorrow / Yesterday
Ce / Que / Ici / La See / Kay / Ee-see / Lah This / That / Here / There


Above are a few common French phrases to help you get around.


Luxembourgish is considered the national language as 90% of Luxembourg’s residents speak it; however, French is more widely spoken by 96% of the population. Additionally, 92% speak German and 61% speak English. A further 12% speak other languages of varying sorts, mainly European in origin.

It should be noted that a wide portion of the population is Trilingual, or at least Bilingual, and will speak a combination of Luxembourgish, French, German and English. Many schools also teach Spanish, Portuguese, Latin and other languages of mainly European origin.