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Police Checks for International Teachers

SeekTeachers - Criminal Record CheckIf you are looking to teach abroad, one of the most important documents as part of the vetting process is to ensure you have an up to date criminal record check.

Child protection is not just an issue on your country of origin but it is a global issue and its our duty, collectively to ensure that all the teachers placed through SeekTeachers have an up to date and valid police check.

As a company that prides itself in ensureing we provide schools highly competent and well vetting candidates, we have taken the time to provide your (our teachers) the information necessary to get an up to date police check. With a team of experienced ex-educators we want you to be fully compliant so that our clients can recruit you with peace of mind!

International teachers should provide evidence of their criminial record checks in all countries in which they have lived or work for more than 6 month.  This is now a defacto requirement for top-tier or flagship schools and it is worth the time and money to ensure you are up to date with your police checks.

In countries where there is no official police check system for teachers, the next best thing you can obtain is a "letter of good conduct". 

We always advise to get an official police check and so we have teamed up with a number of leading organisations to help you secure your police check fast and effectively before you travel.

Canada Attestation Canada Police Check

Looking to have your RCMP police check done to work overseas? Look no further.

we have partnered with a leading security organization in Canada called Triton to bring you fast, efficient and competitive police check services to make your move overseas smooth and trouble free.

Triton Canada has been introducing game-changing technology and business processes to the Canadian background check industry for over 6 years. Triton currently provides a variety of background screening services, like online electronic criminal background checks to clients like the Government of Ontario and 700 other entities across the nation.
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SeekTeachers UK Attestation UK Police Check

The highest form of security in the UK is the enhanced DBS. SeekTeachers has partnered with a leading organisation in the UK, that is able to process your DBS quick and efficiently. We also managed to work out a discount for you if you mention "SeekTeachers" and are registered with us.
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SeekTeachers Ireland Attestation Eire Police Check

The highest form of security in the Ireland is the Garda Vetta. You can apply for this directly on the main Garda website.
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SeekTeachers USA Attestation USA FBI Police Check

SeekTeachers has partnered with Accurate Biometrices to provide teachers with the best FBI channeling service at competitive prices. Please note that this service is only available for US citizens and US Permanent Residents. Accurate Biometrics is a leader in International and National fingerprint and FBI processing checks and will guide you through the step by step process to avoid any confusion and provide you with ease of mind extra time to prepare for your big move overseas. Let the experts take care of it . To start your check or to find out more click here

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Australia Police Check

If you are an Australian national looking to get a new police clearance, you can process one on the government website.
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NZ Police Check

If you are a New Zealand national looking to get a new police clearance, you can process one on the government website.
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