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Bringing Children & Pets

Bringing Children into Luxembourg require no more effort to be taken than would be taken with an Adult and Children will be susceptible to the same requirements required of adults to enter the country.

To bring a Cat or Dog into Luxembourg you will require several documents:

  • A certificate stating that your Dog or Cat is vaccinated against rabies issued more than 30 days but no longer than 1 year before transit.
  • A certificate that your Dog or Cat is in good health and free from all infectious illnesses that is no older than 14 days.
Rabbits also require several documents including:
  • A certificate stating that the animal was examined shortly before departure and that it was in good health and fit for travel.
  • The names and addresses of the people both shipping and receiving the rabbit should also be supplied.
These certificates must be signed and approved by both your local veterinarian and an official state veterinarian. A microchip and/or tattoo should be administered to the pet for identification purposes.