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SeekTeachers - MOE 1Clique Systems - Human Resource CRM Provider

SeekTeachers has partnered with 1Clique Systems. 1Clique has been expertly designed to operate with the minimum amount of clicks. State of the art technology that still prioritizes simplicity, providing a system that can easily be operated by even the least technically savvy of individuals.

SeekTeachers - MOE

This is a one-stop Platform for ALL your HR demands.

Designed for maximum efficiency and cost benefits for SMEs. Our System is distinguished from other HR Platforms, by its sheer simplicity in design, speed of operations and streamline nature of its services.


80% of the tasks.
If you are ready to move on to something better and spend time developing your people, not your spreadsheets, designed specifically for the SME's.
For SMEs, whilst giving advanced features that are normally only available to larger corporations.
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Employee Data & Documents Leave Management Multiple Currency Payroll & WPS
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Performance Management Attendance & Shift Management Employee Expenses
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Loans & Advances Letter Templates Recruitment (ATS)
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On & Off Boarding Employee Self-Service Integration with Zoho Books, Xero & Multiple Biometrics Systems
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Advance User Rights, Permissions & Workflows End of Service Gratuity & More
Compliant with GCC Labour Laws
Very Cost Effective
Very Simple to Implement


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SeekTeachers - MOE

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