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Weather & Climate

Luxembourg is known to have an Oceanic climate which typically has warm summers and cool winters, a temperate climate of sorts, with no particularly hot or sharply cold peaks or dips. Precipitation is fairly evenly spread out throughout the year but in Luxembourg specifically it’s known that at the end of its summer months of June to August there’s a higher amount of rainfall, due to this higher amount of rainfall as well as the even distribution throughout the year, there’s no dry season as is atypical in other Oceanic climatic countries. Luxembourg is known to share this climate with most of Europe.


Known for its high-speed internet access and quick routes to all the nearby attractions, including the Modern Art Museum and Philharmonic, the Melia in Luxembourg City has huge rooms with a modern style and a warm welcome by staff.

Le Place d’Aremes Hotel entails a cooler and sleeker design but keeps to its traditional routes as an amalgamation of seven houses. Staff are reported to be incredibly attentive and the hotel hosts a one-star restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Seven Hotel in Esch-sur-Alzette features an incredibly modernistic style to each of its rooms and incorporates bright colours into bland spaces for a balanced yet vibrant feel, guests report that this hotel caters for their guests needs and is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city for a more scenic and relaxed arrangement.

A little further out still, the Ibis, like many of its chain-hotels across Europe, provides high-quality rooms for affordable prices and welcomes guests warmly into a chilled out environment, perfect for that swift getaway.

Featuring a traditional Luxembourgish breakfast, Le Petit Poete provides quick access to the city of Echternach through its brilliant location directly in the city centre; this of course also provides a brilliant view across the city and allows its residents a choice of several different restaurants.

The Hotel Au Vieux Moulin in Echternach is a large-scale Victorian villa built in the beautiful countryside, almost on the corner of the city. The rooms are furnished with beautiful interior décor and feature breakfast, lunch and dinner menus for any time of the day.