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Executive Search & Selection


The process by which a school leader is chosen is critical. Leaders can be effective and suitable in one context, but not others. We will help you structure a search process that balances your specific needs with an appropriate level of stakeholder participation.
SeekTeachers can also provide assistance with Executive Recruitment under limited exclusive arrangements. SeekTeachers utilises an interview system examining leadership competencies, job and context specifics, behaviours, emotional and cultural intelligence.
As part of the Executive Search process, SeekTeachers will:

  1. Gather your candidate requirements to obtain license
  2. Discuss intricate details to fine tune the Search and Selection Process
  3. Document Vett the candidate
  4. Pre-Screen Interview candidates based on your needs
  5. Carry out Aptitude Screening test
  1. Shortlist via written profiles
  2. Recommend candidates to you for interview
  3. Arrange interviews to meet your needs
  4. Salary and compensation at an industry standard.

We'll help you manage the search effectively and in a manner, that promotes a sense of ownership and thereby optimizes the new senior manager's opportunities for success. We can also provide transition recommendations for a new leader at whatever level, to ensure every opportunity for success upon arrival and within their first three months and beyond.
Additionally, SeekTeachers can also provide a matchmaker service that interviews, screens and recommends candidates specifically to positions.


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