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  • Darren and Amanda Taylor - Primary & EAL Teachers - China

    We wish to supply the following testimonial regarding our recent experience with Ms Winney Lee and SeekTeachers.

    Ms Lee was very professional and efficient throughout the process of assisting both myself and my wife in finding a position in a prestigious Chinese International School. Not only did she keep us informed all the way through the process, but she offered advice by email and through phone calls and showed genuine concern for our family regarding relocating to China. She ensured that we had arrived safely and was always there to help if we required it.

    I would not hesitate in recommending Ms Lee and the services of Seek Teachers to fellow colleagues.

    Darren and Amanda Taylor

  • Michael Stanley - Primary PE - South Korea

    My experience of working with Vicky Lee was positive from start to finish. She made what is potentially a tough and frustrating experience smooth and stress-free.

    Ms Lee was always on hand to answer any questions or queries promptly and update me on any new information via telephone or email, regardless of the time of day or day of the week. Nothing was too much trouble. She has excellent communication skills and is always friendly, polite and professional.

    I am confident that without her hard work and commitment I would not be where I am today and would recommend her and Seek Teachers to any colleagues thinking of working abroad.

    Vicky is a great asset to your organization and I wish her all the best in the future.

  • Olajumoke Olasimbo - Champion - ICT/Computing Teacher - Dubai, UAE

    Olajumoke I'm happy to provide a testimonial for Ms Winney Lee as she was fantastic through the whole process in placing me in a top school in UAE.

    She was supportive from the moment I was in contact with seek teachers via phone and is still supportive now that I have received a job offer.

    Throughout the process I found Ms Winney Lee helpful, informative and extremely efficient.

    It was a pleasure to work with Winny and I would like to say a massive thank you to Winny and all her colleagues especially Mr Ash Waheed who helped me prepare for my interview.

    Thank you for the opportunity and I plan on making the most of the experience and I would definitely recommend your services to all my friends, family and colleagues.

    Winney is definitely an asset to SeekTeachers ! Olajumoke

  • Mark Davies - Teacher - Kiev, Ukraine

    It is with pleasure that I provide this for you.
    Ms Lee was very quick to recognise my professional CV and its value to my current post in Kiev, Ukraine. The process from start to finish was efficient, informative, helpful and professional. We remain in contact today which I value greatly as an 'after sales' service. The interviews were speedily arranged and feedback was provided by Vicky as to my results. I am aware that the Director of the school remains with Ms Lee as a trusted and professional agent, providing suitable applicants for school vacancies. I have already recommended Ms Lee to other colleagues who are considering to teach overseas. I hope this supports your decision consider a possible promotion for Ms Lee within the company.
    Best wishes
    Mark Davies

  • Guiseppe - Maths Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    In my experience as a teacher of maths I have been approached by many recruiters, thus I am now able to recognize professionalism and integrity. Mouyana and her team at Seekteachers have been superbly supportive throughout the process of vetting and adjusting my application to the selective criteria of my current employer in the UAE.

    Mouyana and her line manager Zayed made sure I was relaxed and prepared for the interview; they provided some tutorials to help practicing interview simulations and last but not least they have been genuinely friendly and transparent during the hiring process.

    I am obviously still in touch with Mouyana who is always empathetic and sympathetic. I have mostly appreciated her friendliness, sympathy and warmness.

    Thank you Mouyana for the opportunity you gave me; with gratitude I would recommend your services to any of my friends and colleagues.

  • Andrew and Audrey - ESL Teachers - Beijing, China

    Vicky was the instrument of our success and was ever patient with our numerous questions. She called us in Ireland, U.K., Spain, and Brazil showing an exceptional standard of committment and professionalism.

    She is an attentive, persistent, and personalized agent who can make you feel comfortable with her up-front interpersonal skills.

    Through swift skills assessment and diligent communicative handling, Vicky positioned us on a strong platform from which we were able to obtain our current jobs here in Beijing.

    Thanks Vicky for helping us enjoy a great year in China.

    Yours sincerely,

    Andrew and Audrey

  • Steven Rodgers - ICT Teacher - Bangkik, Thailand

    Steven I was handled by Vicky when i acquired my new job in Thailand, my experience was that she was a first class agent for your company, she clearly comes across as someone who cares about her clients and wants the best for them, she followed up everything that I discussed, she ensured that I was happy with my situation and clearly is a credit to your company.

    Kind Regards

    Steve Rodgers Steven

  • Christopher Kingshott - Secondary Maths Teacher - Moscow, Russia

    Christopher In terms of finding me a job, Vicky has been instrumental to my success. On my 30th birthday, contemplating what direction to take next in my life, an email arrived out of nowhere detailing a too good to be true job opportunity in Moscow.

    Two weeks later I had the job and was on my way. The rest is history. I love it!

    She made sure that all of my paperwork was in order, prepped me for the interview and answered the numerous questions that I had.

    I can't praise her enough as my life is now taking this wonderful direction because of her.

    Thank you Vicky. Christopher

  • Buyiswa Mokhosi - English Teacher - Northern Emirates, UAE

    Buyiswa My name is Buyiswa Mokhosi, I started looking for a new job opportunity. I found Seekteachers and I made contact with Vicky. She called me back immediately. She was very easy to talk to. She has great interpersonal skills. She is professional, caring and hard working. I hope Seekteachers knows that she is the best!

    I was very happy to have undergone the employment process with her. I even felt comfortable enough to refer many of my colleagues, family and friends to contact her.

    I am in the UAE at my new place of employment because of her. I am beyond happy!!!! Buyiswa

  • Ayesha Sacoor - Primary Teacher - Doha, Qatar

    My name is Ayesha Sacoor. I have been job hunting since the beginning of June 2016. I had previously been working in Kuwait and had attained my job through another teacher-recruitment agency. This year I had gotten into contact with Zayd Al-Ansari from your company. His services have been excellent from day one! I would not have received the opportunities that I have, had it not been for Zayd! He has been nothing but helpful, genuine and hard-working. Zayd always goes the extra mile when it comes to his work. I have even told him that he’s a workaholic!

    He went out of his way to ensure that I was fully prepared for my job interviews and because of him, I was fortunate enough to have been given a choice of where I wanted to work in the Middle East. I had a list of requirements for the job I wanted to get and Zayd continued to persevere until he got me exactly what I wanted. It has been nothing but a pleasure working with Zayd Al-Ansari and I would definitely recommend him to anyone seeking a job abroad. Despite being all the way in the UK, I had never experienced any difficulty getting in touch with Zayd and he had made himself readily available to assist me whenever needed.

    Thank you for the best job hunting experience! I will definitely be working with SeekTeachers again, mainly due to the outstanding service delivered by Zayd.

    Thank you

    Sincerest Regards,

    Ayesha Sacoor

  • Jamie H. Lewis - Jamie H. Lewis - Guangzhou, China

    I've just had the irrepressible privilege and pleasure of working with Winney at SeekTeachers and I cannot recommend her, or the organization, highly enough.

    The process was swift; personalized and professionally flawless. I had multiple offers within days and each one was curated by Winney with equal care and diligence. My questions were answered before I could ask them and usually with more pertinent detail that I had foreseen.

    The ticker-tape parade of paperwork and bureaucracy that followed my offer was neatly ordered, collated and fostered every step of the way. Again, the level of diligence and care was exemplary.

    I have already taken the liberty of encouraging numerous colleagues in both the USA and the United Kingdom to avail themselves of your services and the wonderful opportunity you've provided me with through Winney.

    Warmest regards,

    Jamie H. Lewis
    Wappingers Falls, NY

  • Lia Schulte - AP English Teacher - Beijing, China

    Lia Winney Lee was absolutely outstanding! I couldn't have asked for a better experience. She was kind, patient, and so very helpful. While guiding me through the process and connecting me with my school, Winney made a personal connection and went way above and beyond her call of duty. I am so unbelievably thankful for her and SeekTeachers! Lia

  • Julie Dae Lucas - English Teacher - UAE

    Mouyana Ndaw has been professional throughout the whole process of getting a teaching job in the UAE. She recognized me and knew my name when she saw me at the Hotel for interviews.She has a warm disposition and has been very informative and helpful. For every question I asked, she responded immediately with a through answer. I highly recommend her for an advanced position with your company. She has all the qualities of professionalism and is friendly and patient.
    Mouyana Ndaw has been thorough and precise in explaining situations to me. She gets back to me in a timely and friendly manner.
    I have enjoyed working with her.
    Julie Lucas

  • Wilson Koku - English Teacher - UAE

    I'm Wilson Koku, a candidate for a position in the UAE. My representative was Mouyana Ndaw.
    I felt accommodated, respected and attended to the whole way, from the initial application through to the offer of employment.
    I especially like her attention to my personal detail even though sometimes I get a bit frustrated with her demands to get everything exactly as she asked for them.
    Whenever she had new information on the status of my application she telephones and writes a follow-up email. She is easy to communicate with and that is admirable, in my opinion.
    Thanks for your time.
    Wilson Koku.

  • Robert Muller - Homeroom Teacher - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    In an industry that attracts those who hide behind a fragile patina of hubris and bravado, it’s rare to find the real deal.

    Zayd Alansari is a genuine bona fide top recruiter who is also one of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever known.
    I have met literally thousands of recruiters in my role as a teacher. Zayd is one of the most impressive, and one who has earned not just my respect, but also my admiration.

    It’s rare to find someone with a clearly defined value system who is also adept at the nuance and achievement skills required to function as a high performing executive recruiter.

    It’s no surprise that he is one of the top billing recruiters in the industry. I highly recommend Zayd and his search work.

  • Lily Jundi - ESL Teacher

    Dear Zayd,

    I don't know where to start as I have a million things I want to say and a thank you won't be enough. When I saw the post for employment in the UAE back in December, 2015 I was hesitant to contact seek teachers as I applied through another agency a couple of years back for a teaching position and didn't get the support or explanation and wasn't able to reach anyone. When I inquired about the post, you gave me lots of information with details and told me what was expected from me as a candidate and how the employment process works. You also checked my resume carefully and asked me detailed questions. You organized my documents and you were with me step by step before and after the interview. I have never worked with an agency like SeekTeachers before. Whenever I needed to get a hold of you for a question or a concern I found you and the times that you weren't available to pick up, you returned my call soon after. You even called to check on how things are going after I started my job in the UAE. I am very pleased with your support and the agency's service. I started my job and I am happy so far. I got placed in Ras Al Khaimah and the people of this region are extremely respectful and friendly. I know that you are an email or a phone call away in case I have a question or concern. You are a very hardworking person, detail oriented and very quick. I am very please that I applied through you and I am very pleased with all your service and support. Thanks a million!



  • Tammy Turner - Primary Teacher - Qatar, Doha

    Hi Winney,

    I am so grateful for all your help and support in finding employment in the Middle East.

    You instantly put me at ease during our first telephone conversation several months ago, when I enquired about teaching opportunities overseas. You confirmed my inability to teach in Dubai as I had a degree in Religion, but explained the reasons behind that decision. You provided information on countries I had not considered and included useful website addresses on all correspondence in order to research schools further.

    You organised a pre- interview Skype chat with me prior to my first interview for a position in Doha, which did not go as planned as I experienced technical difficulties. You suggested possible solutions, but remained calm during my stressful moment. As matters where unresolved, an alternative appointment was arranged which was more successful. You talked me through possible interview questions and provided some answers. You offered advice for the camera location and suitable clothing attire. Both of which, I used.

    You were/ are always available to answer any queries or concerns prior to and after interviews. You offered support after an unsuccessful first interview and followed up my second with RAKAAG with emails and phone calls. I think we were both a little disappointed with RAKAAG as they led us to believe they were interested.

    You were unbelievably understanding with my concerns regarding teaching in Saudi Arabia, and contacted the school to enquire about their sister school in Bahrain. You were willing to listen and supported my decision to not work in a country I believed would be too challenging and differing to Britain.

    You allowed me time to research schools and countries, and recently arranged for me to speak to Zak with regards to teaching at the school. Zak provided a detailed insight into Doha and the expectations of the school, which erased my concerns, all thanks to your intervention as I did have doubts and several questions.

    Winney, you are still supporting m after securing me with a teaching position; by organising flights with the school, handling contracts, enquiring about accommodation information and transfers from Hamad International. I can not express my thanks to you enough.

    I am delighted that you are the person who acknowledged my emails for a teaching post overseas as you have been truly amazing. Your support, time and efforts have not passed by unnoticed.

    Many thanks
    Tammy Turner

  • Monique Anderson-Coke - Psychologist/Guidance Counselor - Bahrain

    Monique When you talk about about service beyond the call of the duty you are referring to Zayd. I have recently been in contact with Zayd in regards to a post in Bahrain. I was very pleased with the level of support that I was offered and the quick turn around in which a post was able to be secured. He even facilitated me while on his vacation.The service was personalized from start to finish with guidance and advice on suitable posts and interview techniques. Zayd negotiated on my behalf and answered the myraids of questions that I had and was super efficient and friendly at the same time. Zayd offered his own experiences to make my family and I feel at ease with such a big move. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I would definitely recommend 'SeekTeachers' as a result. Keep up the good work Monique

  • Corlene Greenwood - ICT Teacher - Al Ain, UAE

    Corlene I have known Owen Ferris for approximately 5-6 weeks, in which he is currently placing me into my school in the UAE in Al Ain. My initial application and acceptance was extremely swift, therefore very stressful for me given that I had only applied for the position approximately 8 weeks ago. Owen has allowed this transition to run smoothly for me.

    He has helped me with the administration process every step of the way, trying to fit in with my needs, fitting in with the time difference for communication, and also settling my concerns (as I am a solo mother of a ten year old child). He has stuck by me through the entire process, and has assured me to continue communication with him once I have settled in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In addition, I have recommended his services, and that of SeekTeachers, to other teachers in my country. Corlene

  • Chanel Ellison - Primary Teacher - Muscat, Oman

    Chanel Zayd has been nothing but helpful and patient through the whole recruitment process. He found me a great job and still helps will all situations even after I was hired. He is great to work with because I know I can approach him with any question I have. I am forever grateful for his time. Chanel

  • faisal seedat - Primary Teacher - Doha, Qatar

    faisal I have recently been in in contact with Zayd in regards to a post in Qatar. I was very pleased with the level of support that I was offered and the quick turn around in which a post was able to be secured. Zayd has been there to answer all my queries and questions and offered his own experiences to make my family and I feel at ease with such a big move. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I would definitely recommend 'SeekTeachers' as a result. faisal

  • Ruth Wilks - Primary Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Ruth I am very grateful for the help and support SeekTeachers has provided for me. After registering with the seek teachers website, I was quickly contacted by Owen about two interviews he thought I might be interested in. He supported me throughout the process and was very reliable in getting back to me either via email or by telephone. In less than two weeks, I was offered both of the jobs Owen had contacted me about and was therefore successful in securing a teaching job. Owen is clearly great at what does, he listens to the client and is readily available for any questions or queries. I feel I have been helped and supported throughout the process of finding a teaching job and feel I will continue to be supported as I move to the UAE. Ruth

  • Huma Ahmed - Primary Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Huma I recently dealt with Paz whilst looking for a new teaching position in the UAE. I have to say Paz has certainly been the best recruitment consultant I have ever come across. He was extremely professional throughout the entire process and also very down to earth, especially because he made me feel at ease. Paz listened to my job preferences and placed me exactly where I wanted. Within a week he has secured me a job in Abu Dhabi, I honestly couldn't be happier. The day before the interview Paz/Zak called to make sure I was fully prepped for the interview itself and discussed final points. I cannot recommend Paz from seekteachers enough. Once again thanks a million. All the best to you and your company.
    H. Ahmed Huma

  • Elizabeth Connor-Scahill - Head of Education - Doha, Qatar

    Elizabeth I was so happy with the service I received from SeekTeachers. The professionalism and honesty from my agent Zak is to be commended . The service was personalised from start to finish with guidance and advice on suitable posts, interview techniques, to the very basics. Super efficient and friendly at the same time.
    I was given advice every step of the way on flights, documentation, visas etc. and Zak was available to answer my questions at anytime of the day or night and even when I actually landed in Doha Qatar, I love my new post, my employers are good people and the accommodation is great. I really couldn't recommend this agency enough, in fact I already have to some of my friends! Thank you so much to Zak, Gia and the rest of the team.

    Elizabeth Connor-Scahill Elizabeth

  • Roya Saeednia - Early Years teacher - Shenzhen, China

    I was doing a Google search of finding any Nursery Nurse Jobs abroad on the Internet, when I came across SeekTeachers. Gia was my Consultant who was very genuine, helpful, nice and reassuring, and supported me in every step that I took. Gia gave me excellent advice and tips when she helped me to prepare for my Interview. She supported and helped me to make a final decision about whether I accept the opportunity of going to China. When Gia was not able to help me with one of my problems, she assigned her Colleague who helped me immediately, and I was given the best result and answer. I am very honoured and privileged to have Gia as my Consultant, who is a very caring person. I highly recommend Gia as a Consultant because she cares and supports you in whatever you decide and choose to you, and clearly explains each aspect of the process

  • Monika Bednarova - ESOL Instructor - Saudi Arabia

    Monika It is with great delight that I would like to present my testimonial for Gia and Zayd . Having previously worked abroad, I have grown rather sceptical about recruitment agencies. Therefore, when I uploaded my CV on seekteachers, I did not expect much. How pleasantly shocked I became when I received a phone call shortly after submitting my application!

    Initially my consultant was Gia, she worked tirelessly to tailor my profile onto clients needs and offered me various positions, constantly available to provide advice and suggestions. Gia answered my emails and messages promptly. Apart from her highly professional approach I appreciated her personal qualities – diligent, congenial and empathetic . Even though she later on transferred me onto her colleague, Gia would still express her continuous reassurance of care.

    Zayd was my next consultant who secured me a new job! I give him credit for successfully passing the online interview as the consequence of his skilfull guidance and support. The fact that he was trustworthy, patient and friendly made me feel confident during the interview. We also laughed together. Zayd was always ready to address any queries. He gives me a sense of security that if I faced any challenges in my new job, I could turn to him for help.

    I cannot praise them enough. They are both exquisite. I would recommend their service without reservation to any teacher that is looking for an employment overseas. Monika

  • Chantell van der Berg - Primary Teacher

    Chantell The SeekTeachers service was beyond my expectations since day one. My consultant, Zayd Alansari, provided more assistance and guidance than I could ever ask for. Not only does he reply promptly to all my emails, he also goes a few extra miles to make sure this whole process will be a success. He is always friendly, helpful and very supportive. I can’t wait to start my new adventure abroad. Thank you SeekTeachers and Zayd.
    Look no further!!! I highly recommend SeekTeachers. It is the Only way to go!

  • Sahara IsmailSahara Ismail - Early Years Foundation Stage - Sharjah, UAE

    Sahara Hi,

    I cannot say thank you enough to PAZ for his hard work and support throughout my job search. Not only was it comfortable talking with you, but it was obvious that SeekTeachers is the place to go when seeking for a Teaching position abroad, I loved your positive attitude and your responses to my questions and willingness to help me find a job. I appreciate your genuine help, Thank you so much for bringing me this opportunity. You have saved me! I would recommend you to anyone who’s seeking a teaching position (no doubt). You have been absolutely great. Now I can’t wait to start the next chapter of my life!

    Thank you

    Sarah Ismail Sahara

  • Lauren Kent - Early Years Foundation Stage - Doha, Qatar

    Lauren Just want to start by saying a HUGE HUGE thank you to Paz! I am genuinely so grateful for his time, and efforts in helping me secure this once in a lifetime opportunity. From receiving the call nearly a week and a half ago now, to now packing my suitcase getting ready to fly to Doha is just crazy, but I know this wouldn't be possible without Paz, and not to forget his lovely team at SeekTeachers, including Owen and Monica!

    Paz certainly deserves a huge pay rise, and is definitely an asset to the SeekTeachers team!! I hope his amazing efforts don’t go unrecognised, as they certainly haven’t in my eyes, he’s such a lovely down to earth person which makes it so much easier to speak to him to help get the right information to help you secure a job overseas.

    I would recommend anyone I know to apply for SeekTeachers.
    Thank you for all your help!!

    Lauren Kent

  • Maya El Shareef - Early Years - Doha, Qatar

    Maya I am sending this email to thank you for all your efforts and all the support you provided me with. When I was applying for teaching jobs, I received a prompt response from you. You offered me a job that matched what I was looking for. I was also impressed by how much my qualifications and experience matched my employer’s selection criteria. It was a win-win situation for everyone. Throughout the recruitment process, you were always readily available to answer my questions. Your responses to my emails were always prompt, meaningful, and detailed. You certainly reassured me when I had concerns about moving countries to start a new job. You provided me with the information needed to feel that I am moving to a secure place. You also provided me with the contact details of my employer in the country of my destination who further helped me with the move. When I arrived in the country and met in person with my new employer, you certainly were still available to ensure that everything is going well. Once again I thank you for all what you have done for me. I am sure that you are of help to many employers and candidates. I was a candidate myself and I know there are not many of you out there. Maya

  • Louise Butler - Mathematics Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Louise After signing up with SeekTeachers I was contact by Fernando almost immediately about positions that were arising abroad. From the outset he was extremely helpful, very friendly and I feel he genuinely did everything he could to help me get a position, including numerous telephone calls, a pre-interview and some handy tips for my actual interview.

    Once I secured my position, Fernando went through all the information, forms and documents that needed to be filled in and checked before moving.

    I really appreciate all the effort and work Fernando has put in to getting me an interview in my preferred location, throughout the interview and moving process. I will definitely be recommending him to friends who wish to do the same. Louise

  • Claire O'Donnell - Primary Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Claire Hello Winney,

    I would just like to touch base again with you and thank you for the reliable and prompt service provided by Seek Teachers, especially yourself & Ash. I am lucky to have secured the job with Al Rabeeh and everything seems to be going smoothly so far so fingers crossed!

    I could not have secured this position without your help. You were by far the most helpful, dedicated and personal agency I dealt with in my search and were always available to answer any questions via skype & e mail. I very much appreciate all your help, support & understanding & thank you most sincerely. I will definitely be recommending you to friends and people over there who I meet. I will let you know how I am getting on! I would be grateful if you could pass on my appreciation to Ash also. The genuine interest in people's future is evident & this means a lot when making these career decisions. Claire

  • Aisha Vora -

    Aisha I would like to thank Paz Kayani for all of his effort, friendly advice and professional service. He communicated clearly with positive attitude what was required of me at each stage of the recruitment process as well as till the point of flight booking. Through all the process he provided useful information and had been very approachable, This was the most enjoyable and painless recruitment process I have experienced. I would recommend Seekteachers to anyone, and I can personally recommend working with Paz Kayani.

    Paz a very BIG heartily thank you for all you've done and hopefully it continues.

    Aisha Vora

  • Rachel Kay - SEN Teacher - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Rachel I applied for SeekTeachers and was given Zak as my consultant. He was genuine, nice, very helpful and guided me every step of the way. He was prompt in his responses whenever I had a question or concern. He always made sure I felt comfortable about the process and expectations. He spent a lot of time talking on the phone with me and not trying to rush me off, even though due to the time difference, I know it was quite late for him. I think that goes above and beyond. He is very engaging and energetic. When he could not immediately answer a concern I had that came up abruptly, he assigned his colleague who called me within minutes. I highly recommend Zak as a consultant because he truly cares about you and each aspect of the process.

    Rachel Kay Rachel

  • Michael Cheung - ESL Teacher - Beijing, China

    I was very interested in working in China as a teacher however it was very difficult to find a position and apply for myself. After I had spoke to Winney, everything was simplified and straight forward. Within a very short period of time, Winney had already arranged an interview for me at a time which suited me however, soon after the interview, Winney advised me to wait for the next interview she had organised as it was a better opportunity for me and I eventually got offered and accepted the job.

    In summary, Winney has only advised me in the direction which most suited my interests and benefitted me. I have a lot of appreciation for her help and her attitude. Winney was always available and happily carried out any request if it was within her ability.

    Kind regards,

    Michael Cheung

  • Lynne Callaghan - Nursery Nurse - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Hi Winney,

    I registered with nursery world jobs as I was looking for a job abroad, preferably Abu Dhabi. Winney Lee from SeekTeachers arranged me with an interview and emailed and phoned me on numerous occasions to make sure I was prepared and told me a bit about the nursery and living in Abu Dhabi which made me feel confident about moving their. Once I was offered the job Winney Lee stayed in contact with me and advised me about getting my documents attested.
    I am so happy that Winney Lee took the time to find me my perfect job, she made everything run quickly and smoothly and I really appreciate everything she has done for me. Thank you Winney Lee.

    Kind Regard

  • Anisa Abshir - Early Years Foundation Stage - Doha, Qatar

    Anisa Owen has made my experience with SeekTeachers an amazing experience. I found Owen very helpfully in answering the questions I had. In addition Owen would use his initiatives and inform me of additional information using his experience as well a knowledge.

    I found his mentoring ability impressive as he would use his knowledge as well as experience to give me examples of how life is like in the Middle East in articulately Qatar. This has mentally prepared me as well as given me the confidence for the big move aboard with my family.

    Furthermore Owen came across very friendly. Having said that he was also very professional at the same time.

    To conclude I feel that Owen has been an excellent consultant who was able to use his own initiative, experience as well as knowledge to make my experience with SeekTeachers an amazing experience. His excellent personal as well as professional skills has contributed in recommending my friends to apply for teaching jobs through SeekTeachers. I'm sure he is a great asset to the company already. Anisa

  • roisin kelleher - Primary Teacher - Dubai, UAE

    roisin Hi

    I would like to submit a testimonial for my consultant Paz kayani, he has been amazing. He is really professional! I will be referring him to all my Irish friends.

    Thank you


    Roisin Kelleher roisin

  • Meadhbh Aherne - Primary Teacher - Dubai, UAE

    Meadhbh Hi

    I would like to submit a testimonial for my consultant, Paz Kayani. He's been the best, so helpful and supportive! Couldn't have asked for a better representative!

    Thank you


    Meadhbh Aherne Meadhbh

  • Faisal Ali - Science Teacher - Fujairah, UAE

    Faisal Hi there,

    I'd just like to mention that Paz has been very helpful in my job search abroad,

    He's dealt with all my queries with patience and he has proven to be very reliable,

    I'm not great with these things so I'll just have to keep this short and sweet!

    Thanks Faisal

  • Nadeem Hashmi - Business Studies - Doha, Qatar

    Nadeem Hi

    I would like to submit a testimonial for my consultant Paz

    I would like to say a big thank you to SeekTeachers but an even bigger thank you to my liaison consultant Paz K who has been of great support from start to end inclusive of after sale service. I would recommended this agency and agent to anybody who is seeking for a job in the teaching profession.

    Just a brief of how long it took me to get an interview and a job offered in one of my preferred locations (Qatar). I applied at the end of April 2014 and was offered a job mid May 2014 (including application process/interview & feedback).

    I tried other websites and agents but the process wasn't as straight forward nor was the support as good...

    ...I would pester Paz on a daily basis but his support was and still is available with no if's or but's so a big shout to Paz in particular.

    Much appreciated Seekteachers & Paz K buddy!!!!

    See you soon pal.

    Thank you


    Nadeem Hashmi (Deemi) Nadeem

  • Mariyam Akhter - Primary Teacher - Sharjah, UAE

    Mariyam My first teaching post in Sharjah was a result of the hard work and expertise put forward by Paz. During the process of finding a job abroad Paz was open and honest with his expert advise and opinions. His integrity and professionalism put me at ease during the whole process of applying, and securing a job in Sharjah. I would highly recommend his services.

    Thank you


    Mariyam Mariyam

  • Niamh Campbell - Primary Teacher - Dubai, UAE

    Niamh Paz made the whole experience more relaxed than I was expecting, nothing was ever to much trouble and he always made sure to keep in contact. Nothing was to much trouble and he answered all my queries. His manner and professionalism were of a very high standard and I was very lucky to get an agent like him! Thanks for everything :) Niamh

  • Rebecca Barnett - English Teacher, Dubai - UAE

    Rebecca The service I received from SeekTeachers was amazing! In particular, Paz was brilliant! Always helpful and consistent, but most of all he was informal and chatty, which is what you need at a very stressful time!

    I would definitely suggest Seek Teachers to anyone wishing to work abroad and would like to thank them for all their help both through and after the process.

  • Jennifer Howes - ICT Teacher - Doha, Qatar

    Jennifer I want to say what a positive experience I have had using SeekTeachers.

    Paz Kayani helped me no end and has made the whole process extremely positive and easy! From the moment of contact I have had nothing but support from Paz and he put my mind at ease every step of the way.
    SeekTeachers has made my decision to teach internationally a very easy process and I would recommend using the company to anyone, and in particular they need to speak to Paz!

    Thank you to all at SeekTeachers for the continued support and especially Paz.


    Jenny Jennifer

  • safia hersi - Early Years Foundation Stage - Dubai, UAE

    safia I registered with SeekTeachers when i finally decided that i wanted to work abroad after my degree is completed and i must say I don’t regret registering with this agency at all. My experience with seek teachers has been astonishing. My consultant Paz and off course all the other consultants who supported me were all amazing, informative and supportive during the process. Paz kept me informed about the things that had to be done and was very reassuring prior to the interview date. After the interview i was offered a position in the school and i don’t think i would have done it without my consultants’ advice. More importantly, Paz and all the other staff would answer any questions that i had both before and after the interview. I'm still receiving support from the staff and others who work alongside as i have paper work and documents to sort out. I would recommend SeekTeachers to anyone who wants to teach abroad as the team are very helpful and professional. Finally I just want to say thanks to my consultant Paz and the rest of the team and i am looking forward to the big transition. safia

  • Mousa Abduljaber - Mathematics Teacher - Al Ain, UAE

    Mousa I am very satisfied with my experience of SeekTeachers. My consultant was Fernando Mifsud, he was really cooperative and supportive. He was also well-organized and worked very hard for me to secure a full – time teaching position for me in the Middle East. Few days after emailing him my resume, documents, and credentials he managed to secure me a good interview with one of the good schools at UAE and fortunately my first interview was a success and secured the job. I am very thankful and appreciative for his excellent work, honesty and his endurance for dealing with my non-stop calls and emails. Thank you SeekTeachers, in particular Fernando Mifsud. Greatly thank you Mousa

  • Maureen McGrath - Foundation Stage Teacher - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Maureen Fernando Mifsud was my consultant when dealing with SeekTeachers and has been very helpful in the process so far. He very promptly responded to any emails with answers to queries I had and put my mind at ease. I feel the school I have been assigned is appropriate for me in light of my experience and qualification. Fernando also often rang me to help answer any queries I had and was also very friendly, helpful and accommodating. I would highly recommend SeekTeachers, not just because I secured my first teaching post through them but because of how efficient and helpful they are.Thank you Fernando. Thank you SeekTeachers. Maureen

  • Farid Belkacemi - English Teacher - Sharjah, UAE

    Farid I would like to thank SeekTeachers and more specifically Paz Kayani and Owen Ferris for the fantastic job they have done. Securing a job abroad can be a very long complicated process and they made it very easy for me. Paz and Owen both assisted me through the whole recruitment process and always addressed my concerns very effectively. I really look forward to moving to the UAE as I'm sure it is going to be a wonderful experience. Thank you SeekTeachers! Farid

  • HODAN HAIILI - English Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    HODAN I am very pleased with my experience of SeekTeachers. My consultant was Paz Kayani, he was extremely helpful and supportive. He was also efficient and worked very hard for me to secure a teaching position. Few days after emailing him my CV he managed to secure me few interviews and luckily my first interview was a success and secured the job. I am very grateful for his hard work, honesty and his patience for dealing with my non-stop calls and emails. Thank you SeekTeachers , in particular Paz Kayani. Tremendously thank you. HODAN

  • Anita Purves - PE Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Anita I have had the fortunate luck of working with some great teaching agencies and SeekTeachers is no exception! For those of you looking for an overseas position SeekTeachers has such a broad range of job availabilities worldwide. When I originally signed up, I was interviewed by Owen as I was looking for a position in South America. Owen then put me in contact with his colleague Yas. He encouraged me to interview for a position in Abu Dhabi which sounded fantastic and exactly what I was looking for. Yas went through the interview and recruitment process and ensured I was as prepared as I could be! Once I accepted the position Yas made himself available to answer all my questions and reassure me of the transition process. A big thank you to Yas, Owen and everyone at SeekTeachers. I am so excited for what's ahead!! Anita

  • Ambreen Aslam Virani - English Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Ambreen Aslam What can I say about the SeekTeachers.com? It was my luck that brought me to the SeekTeachers.com and contacted by their excellent recruiter, Ash Waheed, just a day after completing my online portfolio. Not only did Ash Waheed prepare me for the interview but also answered my queries regarding the prospective job. Mr. Ash is friendly and knows his job well. He makes sure that the potential candidates get what they deserve. I certainly give credits to Ash Waheed for his constant guidance and landing me onto a successful teaching position in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I would highly recommend SeekTeachers.com, especially Ash Waheed, to all teachers looking forward to a successful career overseas. Welcome aboard to success with SeekTeachers.com! Ambreen Aslam

  • Lorna Robertson - Head of Early Years, Tunis - Tunisia

    Lorna With references to Mr Owen Ferris, I wish to state that I was extremely impressed by his help and support in securing an overseas primary teaching post in Tunisia for me last week. As well as being quick and efficient he was very informative and clear in dealing with my application. I am very grateful for his assistance and look forwards to starting my new position Lorna

  • Ben Willgoss - PE Teacher - Abu Dhabi, Al Ain

    Ben Ash Waheed I just want to say thank you. You went above and beyond being helpful from being very honest about the position and what it will entail and up till texting me to congratulate me on my marriage. I just want to say the help and support you gave me was the reason for choosing your job above the ADEC job. Ash made each of the daunting steps seam manageable I would recommend him and SeekTeachers to anyone. Thanks again Ash Waheed what a man! Ben

  • Kathryn Shankar - English Teacher - Doha, Qatar

    Kathryn If you are looking for a customized fit with an overseas teaching position, rather than a ‘one size fits all experience’, SeekTeachers will meet your needs. This agency is unique in that agents have specific knowledge and experience within their areas and have established relationships with the schools they represent.

    From the beginning of my overseas job search, Yasar Kayani and Ash Waheed guided and supported me from the paperwork and interview preparation process through to the final stages of negotiating the contract. They worked as a team to skillfully match my teaching credentials and preferences to potential interview opportunities. I am very pleased with the position I have been offered and have accepted. Furthermore, I know that if I have any further questions or issues to discuss, Yasar and Ash will continue to be there for me during the settling in process in my new school.

    I am grateful for the standard of care and professionalism which I have been shown and I have already recommended SeekTeachers to a number of my teaching colleagues. Kathryn

  • Antoine Fraser - English Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Antoine Registering with SeekTeachers has made this process such a simple and rewarding experience. Once my initial application was complete their response was unbelievably swift. The guidance and continued assistance provided by Mr. Owen Ferris - Senior International Consultant has been outstanding. His professional and friendly demeanour made my recruitment experience an unforgettable pleasure and learning opportunity. The information and interview preparation provided played a key role in my success, in what I consider to be a blessing and a life changing event. It was a delight having SeekTeachers and their personable and experienced staff working on my behalf. Owen I am thankful for all that you have done; truly I can't thank you enough. As a result of all of your encouragement, patience, and diligence my family and I are on to the next phase of our lives in the UAE. Once again thanks for everything. Antoine

  • Samia Bayoumi - Primary Teacher - Bahrain

    Samia I have just completed my Primary PGCE+QTS with Early Years Specialism. It was one of the most intense years of my life and extremely stressful. My next mission was to secure employment but I put my faith in SeekTeachers. They matched me to a school most suited to my personality and teaching philosophy. They have been extremely supportive and always answered any queries I have had. I am just 2 days away from flying out of London to begin a new adventure in the Middle East. Owen and Ash I want to thank you both for all your kindness, support and humour throughout this journey. I will update you of my experiences once I begin teaching. I have loads to learn as I will be teaching the American Curriculum but I am so excited.
    Thanks guys!!!
    Sam Samia

  • Emmanuel Nelson - Business Studies Teacher - Doha, Qatar

    Emmanuel Yas and Ash made getting a job overseas so simple and so quick. By God's grace, from registering with SeekTeachers to getting a contract only took about 2 weeks. My wife and I are now looking forward to living and working in Qatar. This is not to say that yours will be that fast but my experience with SeekTeachers has been and continues to be an excellent one. Yas and Ash are professional and yet down to earth. Their help and advice is always practical and personal. All in all, an excellent service. Thank you guys.

    Manny (now working at the Gulf English School, Doha) Emmanuel

  • Christopher Walton - Maths Teacher - Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

    Christopher A fantastic service provided by Ash Waheed. I gained overseas employment within a week of uploading my details. The service is very professional as well as friendly. Ash walked me through the process step by step and perhaps over prepared me for interview. I would recommend SeekTeachers to anyone looking for employment abroad. Thank you Christopher

  • Megan Walsh, Cairo - Egypt -

    I would highly recommend SeekTeachers to any teacher who is thinking of going abroad! I have worked with other recruitment agencies and the time and effort put in by the entire team at SeekTeachers really sets them apart. I was specifically interested in teaching in Cairo and within a day of applying, I was contacted. My recruiter, Ash, was extremely patient and helpful throughout the entire process. Anytime I emailed him (usually in a panic), he always responded back in a timely manner and calmed my nerves. Ash was also a big help when it came time to sign the contract and send all of my documents to the school. Overall, I had a great job search experience thanks to Ash and SeekTeachers and am excited to start this next chapter in my life!

  • Rosemary Ferraro - English Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Rosemary Mr Ash Waheed- Senior International Consultant has been expeditious in assisting me throughout the entire recruitment process for a teaching position abroad.

    He answered all questions without delay and mediated between the school and myself exhibiting a balanced view of what an employer and employee look for in good schools and placements.

    His diplomacy and genuine interest in ensuring both parties in the recruitment process are well informed and up to date with every step of the way makes for a very positive experience for the teacher seeking employment as he retains a highly professional approach throughout his correspondence and any questions one may have are ironed out without delay but it is his warmth and professional attitude throughout the process from beginning through each stage of the application process which leaves such a positive and lasting impression and it is with this in mind that this testimonial is written to highlight the high calibre of services offered by 'SeekTeachers' and more importantly, Mr Ash Waheed their Senior International Consultant. Rosemary

  • Dawn Venable - English Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Dawn Finding a job has proved to be a difficult task for me and given the economical climate we live in today, things have gotten that much tougher. Feeling low and demoralized, I decided on a whim to send my CV to SeekTeachers. I was quickly amazed with the fast response time and diligence that my International Consultant, Mr. Owen Ferris, had dedicated to me. Although I knew he had a very big case load, I always felt as if I were his only candidate. The patience, persistence, and time he devoted to finding me a wonderful placement along with answering any and all questions I had, has truly been a Godsend. I highly recommend any teacher looking for and international placement to contact SeekTeachers and hopefully you will be as blessed as I have in finding Mr. Owen Ferris Dawn

  • Zeeshan Nabi - ICT Teacher - Dubai, UAE

    Zeeshan After deciding that I wanted to teach abroad, a friend recommended SeekTeachers to me. In the space of around a month I went from having a desire to teach abroad to having secured a job in Dubai! This happened thanks to the hard work that the SeekTeachers team put in.
    The process that Seek Teachers adopt is very professional and thorough. After completing my profile I was contacted by Yas, he interviewed me via Skype and was very friendly and professional at the same time. He offered lots of advice, tips and insight into what to do and what to expect from the whole process.
    A short time after my Skype interview I was contacted by Owen, again very professional and friendly at the same time. He advised me that a school was interested in interviewing me. He offered loads of tips and resources to help me plan for the Interview. Throughout the process Owen kept me very up to date, if I had questions for him I was free to contact him via phone or email and always received quick informative advice. Thanks to the advice I had received I was able to pass the interview process and was offered a position at the school.
    The final stage was to sort out all the paperwork; this was the part I was most concerned about. I was pleasantly surprised to deal with Hann, who made the whole process very clear and very easy to follow.
    I would highly recommend SeekTeachers to anyone that is looking to teach abroad. Out of all the recruitment firms I dealt with, they were the most professional, informative and easy to contact. All of the staff goes out of their way to ensure you are getting the best service possible! Thank you SeekTeachers!
    Zeeshan Nabi Zeeshan

  • Yasmen Elhassa - Year 5 Teacher - Alexandria, Egypt

    Yasmen I was looking to apply for a teaching position overseas, specifically in Alexandria, Egypt. Winney was extremely helpful from the start. After e-mailing her and telling her my preference, she immediately contacted me on there was an opening in a school in Alexandria. Winney was always extremely helpful, responsive, and understanding of my concerns. She made everything run smoothly and quickly. She was on top of the school, and always made sure they addressed all of my concerns. I could not even imagine applying to a school without her help. Winney is such an important part of seek teachers, and I appreciate her help very much. I look forward to keeping in touch with her even after I fly out to Egypt. Thank you again Winney!

    Yasmen Elhassa Yasmen

  • Frances Walden - Primary Teacher - Dubai, UAE

    Frances My experience with SeekTeachers has been fantastic. My consultant, Ash Waheed, has made the process of securing a job a pleasant experience. Ash has been very attentive and made sure that I was fully aware of all the steps which needed to be fulfilled. He has maintained regular contact - which often involved out of hours responses to emails and questions. He pre-empted many questions and dealt with everything swiftly and in a professional manner, continuously putting my mind at ease and giving useful advice. I would, and have recommended SeekTeachers and Ash to colleagues and will continue to do so in the future. An outstanding recruitment organisation with genuine and knowledgeable staff. Thank you. Frances

  • Matthew Blanks - Drama & English Teacher - Al Ain, UAE

    Matthew I am a Drama teacher who thanks to the hard work of SeekTeachers has been placed in two different positions in the Middle East. SeekTeachers made the whole process very easy, giving me advice of how to give intelligent answers to interview questions, negotiating with the school on my behalf and giving advice regarding document attestation, which I had no idea about.

    My first agent was Ash, who is very knowledgeable and worked tirelessly to get me my first position in Qatar. He set up interviews with a school that can be very difficult to negotiate with and ensured that I was given a good package. He also met with several times in Qatar to ensure that I was doing well, which shows that with Seek Teachers the good service doesn't end once they have placed you.

    My second agent, Owen, has also worked incredibly hard to secure me a job for September at a great school in Al Ain. He kept in constant contact and was able to answer all of the many questions that I had for him. He also managed to ensure the school gave me a swift answer and offer, and assisted me in providing key documentation that the school required.

    I am very grateful to these agents and everyone at SeekTeachers for introducing me to the exciting world of international teaching, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any jobseekers out there. Matthew

  • Melinda Bearchell - Primary Teacher - Al Ain, UAE

    Melinda My name is Melinda and I am an American teacher moving from Saudi Arabia to the UAE this fall thanks to SeekTeachers. My experience with SeekTeachers has been absolutely outstanding from start to finish! SeekTeachers really do strive to give you all the information and answers you need. My first experience coming to the middle east with a different organization seemed like a nightmare with all the paperwork, unknowns, and unanswered questions. It was a huge and frightening transition. However, I can honestly say, after my experience with SeekTeachers, I would never use another organization. The process and transition have been smooth,logical, and and highly informative. SeekTeachers works with you as a team to assist in every aspect from finding a job suited to you and interviewing to paperwork and packing.

    My consultant, Ash, was not only insightful and helpful about finding a school that suited my desired location and position, he was also flexible to meet my hectic schedules for interviews and questions. Ash was always available and responsive to any questions and concerns I had despite the time difference. I truly knew he was working to meet my needs and make the situation as smooth as possible, especially moving from one middle eastern country to another. Ash was easy to talk,even when I felt like I was asking silly or redundant questions. He maintained constant communication through Skype, phone, and e-mail to touch base throughout the entire process. I never once felt like I was alone or waiting for days for a response. Ash worked to ensure he got me every bit of assistance I required, even at what seemed like ridiculous times of the morning or night.

    My advice to anyone planning on working overseas is to ensure you have all your credentials scanned, fill out paperwork as you get it (don't procrastinate), get everything sent to your consultant as quickly as you can (the sooner you get it to them, the easier it is for everyone), and if you run into problems, ask for help! Don't try and guess and end up frustrating yourself. The staff at SeekTeachers is here for you. I am so thankful to all the staff at SeekTeachers for helping me transition into this next exciting adventure in my teaching career! Melinda

  • Honey Betancourt - English Teacher, Abu Dhabi - UAE

    Honey SeekTeachers is a great recruitment agency. In particular, my recruiter Ash Waheed went above and beyond to connect me with the best possible teaching position. Put your faith and trust in a resourceful agency like SeekTeachers for your next teaching assignment! Honey

  • Henry Michael Morton - Physics Teacher, Abu Dhabi - UAE

    Henry Michael I would like to express my thanks to SeekTeachers who handled my application, interview and subsequent offer of a teaching post in UAE. I replied to an advertisement for a teaching post and soon after Ash Waheed contacted me and gave me some information about teaching in the Middle East and invited me to attend an interview Recruitment Fair in Manchester. Ash gave me clear information about the interview process and the interview was exactly as he had explained, so I was well prepared.

    The day after the interview Ash contacted me and explained that I was to be offered the position which I had applied for; he explained what steps were next, and guided me through completion of all the required documents. Ash has been so helpful throughout the entire process and always available to answer any questions. I am very appreciative of all his efforts and impressed by his efficiency and professionalism. I look forward to meeting him in the UAE.

    I have also found Hann Cruz very efficient and helpful as she has dealt with the documentation; her emails are always polite and friendly. I would like to thank everybody at Seek Teachers for making this possible and for being so helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending Seek Teachers to anyone who wishes to pursue an international teaching position; they do an excellent job for all their clients.

    Henry Morton Henry Michael

  • Angela O'Brien - KG Teacher - Bahrain

    Angela Searching for the ‘perfect’ job opportunity can be a very overwhelming experience. I was having great difficulty trying to secure a position at a new school in Bahrain but as soon as Owen contacted me, all that changed. He was immensely supportive from the outset and the whole process was very swift and efficient. He was very professional, showed great dedication to me as a candidate and worked hard to help me secure the position.

    Between communicating with the school, answering my questions and quelling any concerns I had, Owen did everything possible to make it easy to accept the position which was offered to me. I have already forwarded his contact details to friends who are looking for similar positions and I am sincerely grateful for his professionalism and assistance. Angela

  • Mark Grimes - Geography Teacher, Johor Bahru - Malaysia

    Mark I was looking to advance my career when I emailed Ms. Lee at SeekTeachers. She helped me to obtain a great opportunity in Malaysia as a geography and history teacher. Ms. Lee was very professional and worked hard to help me secure the position. She has been very supportive and has kept in touch to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly. Once I emailed my documentation to Ms. Lee she was in touch with the school and arranged for my trip and interview. Even when things were conflicting with schedules she worked as a go between to make sure that I got to the interview. I have enjoyed working with her and have forwarded her name and email address to friends that are looking for opportunities overseas. I recommend Ms. Lee to all of my friends and am grateful for all that she has done for me. SeekTeachers is very lucky to have someone a dedicated and diligent as Winney Lee working for them.


    Mark Grimes Mark

  • Dusan Sekulic - English Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Dusan I cannot say enough about the exceptional work and opportunities that SeekTeachers provide for teachers looking to capture their dream jobs. From the moment I was contacted by Ash, Senior International Consultant, on a rainy London day, I was swiftly made to feel valued and his advice on the position I was applying for – from the interview process to the paperwork involved – was tremendous. Motivating, energetic, caring and knowledgeable, Ash showed an uncanny dedication to me as a candidate. I attended a recruitment fair in Manchester and the recruitment process was seamless!

    Ash’s encouragement and forward, positive thinking is what puts him and the whole team at SeekTeachers on top and a cut above the rest, in terms of personalised care and successful recruitment. The efficiency and sheer rapidness in the way I secured my new dream job can be attributed, without a doubt, to the effort, determination and friendly nature of Ash and the SeekTeachers team. A truly memorable experience. Eternally grateful for everything you have done Ash. Looking forward to the new adventure on the path that you helped guide me to.

  • Minakshi Wilkhoo - Science Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Minakshi My husband and I had a very bad experience with a recruitment agency, and we became disheartened until we came across Seek Teachers; as we always had desires to teach abroad. We had the most wonderful experience in obtaining our teaching positions in the UAE with seek teachers. The service and attention is professional and OUTSTANDING!

    Once the registration was completed, we were guided through the process by Yas. We applied for a teaching job in Abu Dhabi but at the same time we had planned a holiday in Dubai, before we were due to fly out, Ash had arranged an interview with a school and guided us through the interview process by saying “Just be yourselves!” We emailed Ash straight away after the interview and within seconds we received a phone call from Ash, congratulating us on our new post in Abu Dhabi.

    Even after the interview, both Ash and Yas have been a great help with the move. They have answered all of our questions and have always been there for us, we would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Ash and Yas for this fantastic opportunity that you have provided for our family, as you have changed our lives forever. Ash and Yas, both of you are just simply the BEST senior international consultants that we have ever worked with –just OUTSTANDING!!!

    Min & Gurd Wilkhoo Minakshi

  • Jose Rodriguez - Grade 5 Teacher - AL Ain, UAE

    Jose I am thankful for Mr Ash Waheed of SeekTeachers as he took care of me through the whole process, step by step of applying for a job, interviewing and signing the contract. Any questions I had, any concerns, doubts, Ash was right there to take care of everything and put my family and I at ease. Between communicating with the school and answering my questions Ash proved to be a vital part in our decision to accept the position which was offered to me. I am sincerely grateful for his professionalism and quick responses to us. Thank you Ash!! Jose

  • Mr C - English Teacher - Johor Bahru, Malaysia

    I had registered with a number of recruitment agencies in my search for an international posting this year. Winney Lee from SeekTeachers arranged my interview, negotiated with the school on my behalf and secured me an excellent position in a great school. Her research on the school was very good and her availability to talk whenever I needed it was commendable. The results speak for themselves. Winney was happy with the result and I am happy with my new school.
    I commend Winney as someone who is approachable, honest and as someone who works in the best interests of her clients.


    Mr C

  • Adele Kirkby-Clark - Principal - Beijing, China

    Adele To Whom it May Concern,
    I am writing to provide a testimonial for Adele. I apologize that it has taken me so long to write this, however I had to hit the ground running in the job Adele placed me in.

    From start to finish in the process of applying for, interviewing and negotiating positions I was always impressed with Adele's efforts, especially her negotiation skills, I could tell Adele always acted in my best interests, however also acted in the best interests of the hiring company. To keep both parties satisfied I feel is an amazing skill.
    Adele was always clear and concise with her information and when she didn't have the information requested she would gain it in a timely matter.

    Adele worked with me, catered for my busy lifestyle and worked out ways we could fit in time to communicate.

    I truly believe Adele provided the necessary bridge between myself and my employer.

    The position was everything that Adele had described to me, this was a nice surprise as my past experience with agents has taught me that agents tend to stretch the truth, however this was not the case with Adele at all, all the information she told me was true, clear and concise.

    The above is my opinion of Adele as a job-seeker, as an employer I would also view Adele very highly. Adele's first impression for me was from our first interview, Adele conducted a professional interview. It was clearly evident that Adele had a fantastic understanding of the education industry by the questions she asked. It was clearly evident Adele was seeking professionals in the education industry and wouldn't settle for any less. Adele was thorough in gaining all of my necessary documents and made particular effort to get current criminal record checks, this was something that I respected a lot.

    I have since recommended to Senior Management that Adele become the main recruitment agent for our institution for both teachers and management staff. I hope that Seek Teachers may assist in providing competitive prices for our organisation, as we have a large demand for teachers.

    Thank you for your time,

    Adele Maree Kirkby-Clark Adele

  • Deirdre Seoighe - 6th Grade Teacher - Sharjah, UAE

    Deirdre Well guys, what can I say SeekTeachers have been excellent to me. I realised I really needed to go teach abroad as the current climate for teachers in Ireland was brutal. So I saw SeekTeachers online and from that day on Ash and Owen have been so helpful in every way from making sure I understood the steps involved in application process to checking how up on me on arrival in Dubai and ensuring I was all settled in. Moving away from home can be hard, but knowing the agency is behind you is a great security! Any insecurities I had prior to leaving were soon fixed. Thanks again Ash and Owen for everything. Deirdre

  • Faheem Javaid - Mathematics Teacher - Doha, Qatar

    Faheem SeekTeachers have given me a great experience in exploring and entering the international teaching market. Their advice was well informed and allowed me to consider factors I had never thought about. Their level of experience and expertise gives them the cutting edge above the rest. Yasar Kayani was especially helpful, going the extra mile to help me prepare for the interview. He also helped me after the placement to guide me through the attestation process so there are no further complications. It has been much more simple going through SeekTeachers who have taken all the hard work out of finding a teaching job abroad.

    Their personalised approach helped me find the dream job which met and exceeded expectations. They have made great effort to ensure I was comfortable, happy and informed throughout the process. No one could ask for more from a dedicated team of professionals. I would like to thank everyone at SeekTeachers for all their hard work especially Yasar in making this life changing decision super easy!

    Thanks a lot for all your hard work!

    Faheem Faheem

  • Geraldine Hill - Montessori Directoress - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    I came into contact with SeekTeachers when looking for management role in Early Years Montessori Education. After submitting an email enquiry I received a contact telephone call immediately to discuss an advertised position. The company offers a committed and professional service and the agent (Ash Waheed) took considerable time and effort in supporting my application.

    Advice was offered for the interview process, arranging required documents and cultural expectations when working overseas. I was kept informed regularly of my application process - often several contacts per day and when required out of working hours. More importantly, the approachable and accommodating nature of the company and its agent provided a commendable and reassuring source of advice and support. This extended after my application was successful. They were always available to call or email and such after-care service is gratefully received. I am now happily settled into my new role and send a note of thanks to SeekTeachers and its agent for their instrumental assistance.

    With Regards,
    Geraldine Hill (08.03.2013)

  • Allison Kerrick - Early Years Teachers - Dongguan, China

    Allison I am just writing to let you know how much I have enjoyed working with Adele Chau at SeekTeachers, while she helped me to find a job abroad. Adele was very professional, and looked at my qualifications in order to find me a suitable position, not just offering me anything that came along. Adele was very particular at making sure she returned phone calls and emails promptly and always had a lovely friendly manner when doing so. Adele was never impatient with me, even though I asked a lot of questions and needed a lot of help as this was my first time applying for a job at an International School.

    Adele definitely went out of her way to make sure I was kept informed all the way along, and went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure it was the right job and school for me. Adele has also kept in touch with me since I arrived on the 14th February. So any problems or questions I have needed help with, Adele has sorted them out for me.

    I feel a lot more comfortable living and working in China knowing Adele is only an email or Skype away in case I need help with anything.

    Thank you Adele you have been a great help. I would definitely use SeekTeachers again. I have been in touch with a few other agencies in the past and they were no where near as professional and helpful as Adele.

    Yours faithfully
    Allison Kerrick Allison

  • Jason Smith - Design & Technology Teacher

    Jason The service I have received from Owen at SeekTeachers has been outstanding. Owen kept me informed of the progression of my application and suggested improvements of my resume. Owen has acted in a professional manner and has gone well above the call of duty in finding me a postion in a very desirable location. I am very happy, as both Owen and SeekTeachers have catered for my needs and requirements. If I need to, I will definitely utilise the service again. Jason

  • Philip Alan Larkin - SEN Teacher - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Philip Alan Dear Teachers seeking employment,

    I am now looking forward to moving onto the next stage of my life at Deira International School in Dubai and I have SeekTeachers to thank for it. Their professional and diligent service ensured that I was well informed and prepared for an interview that I feel will change my life and I have Ash Waheed to thank for this. It is pretty evident seeing the other testimonials that he is to teachers what Santa is to children!

    I am eternally grateful for the support and assistance with my application and I wholeheartedly recommend this team to anyone whether they are a candidate or a client. They are without doubt the best in the world at what they do and I look forward to meeting up with the team in the future.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Phil Larkin

    PS. I would also recommend going to see their office.....BEST VIEW IN LONDON!!! Philip Alan

  • Zoe McKenzie - Primary Teacher - Dubai, UAE

    Zoe Having had previous experience teaching in an international context, when I decided to apply for a new post I stumbled upon Seek Teachers amongst others as sent them my CV. From the first day I sent the CV to them and made initial contact I have been continuously impressed with their levels of service and outstanding professionalism. For the most part, I have consulted with Ash Waheed throughout the process and his extensive knowledge of the region, his clients' schools and the teaching packages has been informative and concise. Ash was able to expertly match my needs with those of prospective schools with excellent detail; partly because he knows exactly what is available and partly because he listens very carefully to what it is YOU are looking for in a teaching post and for your career!

    Within a few days Ash had secured me a face to face interview and he continued to update me on everything I could possibly need to know before meeting the School Director. Ash and his colleague Yas were even there to make sure all went smoothly on the day and wish me luck!

    I will undoubtedly be recommending SeekTeachers (Ash especially) to all of my teaching colleagues looking for international posts! If/When the time comes for me to move on in the future, theirs will be the first number I call!

    Thanks again Ash for a job extremely well done! Zoe

  • Tarja and Marko Nissinen - Early Years Principal

    I would like to bring to your attention my gratitude towards your company, and especially Senior International Consultant Ash Waheed.

    I applied for a Nursery Director’s position in Qatar and I have now had an offer of employment from the Nursery. This is all thanks to Mr Waheed; he has been extremely helpful, professional and knowledgeable.

    Mr Waheed has gone out of his way to keep me informed of the different stages of the application, interview and selection. He has even kept in contact with me over the Christmas holidays, because the timing of the recruitment required so.

    I have had a lot of questions throughout the process. Mr Waheed has been able to clarify the points for me and thanks to him I am able to take up the position confidently and feeling well informed.

    Both myself, and my husband have been astonished by the level of service and support that we have received from Mr Waheed. Mr Waheed has demonstrated rare commitment and passion towards his work. I would recommend his services to any applicant or company recruiting new staff.

    Tarja and Marko Nissinen
    B.Ed EYPS

  • Amber Ham - Literacy Coordinator

    Amber When I started searching for that "perfect" international school, I was overwhelmed. After searching for recruiting agencies, I stumbled upon SeekTeachers. I completed the information section and within 2 days, Yas Kayani emailed me to set up a Skype interview. Nervous as I was, Yas was totally relaxed, informative, and gave me ample time to discuss the role that I would like to seek within the international school system.

    Because I was applying after the start of the school year, positions were limited. However, Yas networked the system for me and got me a few "informative" interviews. Essentially, these were sessions to chat with prospective employers and give them some insight into my background and experience. Before each one, Yas or his colleague Skyped me to prepare me for the interview. It just so happens that one of those "informative" interviews turned into a job offer. Because the offer wasn't exactly what I was hoping, Yas went the extra mile to negotiate the position. Before I knew it, I had the job that I wanted!

    Today, I am in Kuwait working the job that Yas connected me to. Yas continues to follow-up with me via email and Skype. I can't imagine having done this without him. When you are already working a full time job, living overseas, and trying to keep things together, the last thing you want to worry about is finding a job. Yas took care of all that....all I had to do was impress the interviewer!

    I highly recommend SeekTeachers for anyone considering the international school search. The availability of jobs, support of the staff, and professionalism of the company is one-of-a-kind!

    Amber Ham, Literacy Coordinator
    Kuwait Amber

  • Shelagh Dempsey - English Teacher, Zambia

    Shelagh Owen Ferris was fantastic recruiter. Although I hadn't thought about returning to Africa, Owen knew the needs of his client and saw a match with my CV. His insight into the client's needs and how to match them with the job seekers is intuitive.
    I am very pleased with the service I have received from SeekTeachers, Yas Kayani - who was vigorously helping me land a position in the Middle East (maybe next time, Yas), and Owen Ferris. Together they have made the job hunt easy (and entertaining).
    Thank you for all you have done for me, and I look forward to another pleasant experience if/when I decide it's time to move on from Zambia. Shelagh

  • Marium Bashir - Year 1 Teacher

    Marium I was recommended this web site from a friend; I was looking everywhere for a job and I thought to myself what’s the harm so I ended up joining the website. After a few days I was told that I was going to be having a Skype interview and I was panicking as I didn’t even have a Skype account so I had to mentally prepare myself all day and when it did happen I didn’t want to get off it :)

    The adviser that I had was a sweet angel YASAR KAYANI who had made me feel relaxed and comfortable and put things in perspective for me and had explained everything to me step by step. :D
    After a few weeks I got a call from Yasar telling me that there was a job in Qatar which had me bouncing me of the walls it was my dream job! He gave me encouragement and was there for me whenever I needed help all I needed to do was pick up the phone and call him or email him and he was there.
    After two days I had finally stop bouncing of the walls and came back to earth when I had to prepare myself for a phone call interview with the vice principle from the school and it went really well!!

    I GOT THE JOB I was really nervous and reality kicked it when I received my contract and again was on to the phone to Yasar and again he was there for me to explain everything to me. I cannot describe to you how sweet, genuine, thoughtful, MarshAllah incredible person Yasar is and how he has helped me with the whole process I have already recommended him to my friends!!
    Marium Bashir :) Marium

  • Michael Dunn - Business Studies and Economics - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

    Michael Hi
    I just wanted to put in a testimonial for Ash and the crew at SeekTeachers. I phoned Ash looking for a job in Dubai ASAP, he sent out my CV and exactly ten days later I'm sitting in Dubai in the heat with a job at one of the best schools in the region!

    I'd recommend Ash and the crew to anybody at all, absolute five star service and we are still in touch!

    "Thanks a mill" and "dead on Ash"

    A greatful teacher

    Michael Dunn Michael

  • Jane Yon - Early Years Teachers - Chengu, China

    Jane Adele has been a wonderful recruiter to work with!! She was pleasant and kind on the phone. She gave me plenty of information about the job I applied for (and eventually got). She sent me all kinds of information about Chengdu (where I am teaching now). She made sure that I felt comfortable with the skype interview process, so that when I interviewed with the principal for the school, it was easy and I knew some of the things I might be asked. She has checked in with me since I have been here to make sure everything is going well.
    I have had a very positive experience with SeekTeachers so far and it is due to Adele being a professional!! Jane

  • Wissam Koubeissi - ICT Teacher, Bahrain

    Wissam Ash from SeekTeachers was very supportive and helpful. He was the link of communication between the school and I. I really appreciate his assistance in helping me get my teaching job. SeekTeachers site was easy to use and very effective.
    I would recommend the service to anyone! I would have never come across such an amazing job opportunity if it wasn’t for SeekTeachers! Wissam

  • Andrew Stephenson - Humanities Teacher - Doha, Qatar

    Andrew I have always wanted to teach abroad and it was simple thanks to Yas at SeekTeachers.com. I was open to which country to teach in and with 5 years teaching experience in the UK I thought now was the right time to look. Yas told me about different schools throughout the world and had me sold on the idea of teaching in the Middle-East. Within two weeks of my initial interview with SeekTeachers I had two Skype interviews with perspective employers from two different countries. With Yas' help and instruction I secured a job with the second school. Not only was his help second to none I am already looking at which country he can send me to next once I finish my two contract in Qatar. Andrew

  • Minah Khalil - Design & Technology Teacher - Dubai, UAE

    Minah Just wanted to say a big thank you to SeekTeachers for helping me obtain my first international post. Within a week of registering with SeekTeachers I received a phone call about a potential job in Dubai, my cv was put forward and I was offered an interview. Prior to the interview with the school, Yasar suggested a practice interview run, which I hugely benefited from. Two days later I had a Skype interview with the school and I was offered the job!
    My experience with SeekTeachers has been brilliant, they are friendly, efficient, fast and have demonstrated good knowledge . I highly recommend them! Minah

  • Helen Jezeph - Early Years Teachers - Dongguan, China

    Helen I've been really impressed by SeekTeachers, not only do they appear to have some of the best posts and jobs available compared to other agencies I registered with but they also consistently dealt with me a, as a candidate, with respect and the upmost conviction that they would find me a role.

    Not only were they completely scrupulous in checking my documentation, but I never felt I had to chase them up like I have done with previous recruiters.

    As someone with quite a diverse background in education, working with children, teenagers and adults in various different contexts, as well as within schools, not once did they make this an 'issue' or use scare tactics to pressure me into taking a less-favoured position. They seemed to view it only as an advantage and something that would shine through on my CV. In comparison to other agents who did use these kind of scare-strategies it was so refreshing to speak with Adele and Ash who spoke with me in a straightforward and positive way.

    It's no coincidence that the agency with the most conviction in me is the agent that's helped me secure a job. I'm heading out to China next week to start my new role and have already started recommending them to friends. My only fear is not recommending them to too many colleagues as they'll be all over them for jobs! Helen

  • Clair Pearson - English Teacher - Malaysia

    Clair I am writing to commend one of your employees, Adele Chau. Adele arranged an interview with a school for me within a couple of days of my registering which was very impressive. Adele ensured the job was suitable for me and I am pleased to say that a few days later I recieved the job offer. At every stage of the process Adele has been prompt to reply to any queries and has gone out of her way to find information for me. Also, the preliminary mock interview with Adele prepared me well and her feedback gave me great confidence. A really personal touch is the way Adele keeps in contact to see how the move is progressing and is genuinely interested. To sum up, I have found Adele to be a very professional, helpful and friendly member of your team. I would certainly recommend SeekTeachers on the basis of my dealings with Adele. Clair

  • Anne Beattie - Secondary English Teacher - Doha, Qatar

    Anne I would like to express my appreciation of the way in which SeekTeachers handled my application, interview and subsequent offer of a teaching post in Doha.
    Within 48 hours of posting my C.V. onto the SeekTeachers website, Ash Waheed contacted me for a friendly chat, ascertaining something of my background and giving me detailed information about how SeekTeachers operates and the schools which they serve. Ash also gave me preliminary information about teaching in the Middle East and how any interviews would be conducted. I was given clear instructions on how to complete my profile and also what procedures would take place afterwards.
    Ash arranged for an interview in London and on arrival I was put at ease and made to feel welcome and valued. After the interview, along with other interviewees, I was shown an informative power point about the Tall’um Group of schools and in general about life in Qatar. The young lady informing us was very friendly and happy to answer unlimited questions. As promised after the interview, I was informed the same evening that I had been offered a post with Tall’um Schools.
    SeekTeachers then guided me very clearly through achieving document attestation for Qatar; every part of the process unfolded exactly as they advised and the operation was completed very smoothly.
    Ash Waheed has been in contact several times by telephone to advise on various aspects of teaching in Doha, the journey and induction process, along with very helpful tips on travelling, banking, and even taking cosmetics and tea bags (very much appreciated!). Ash has constantly encouraged me to ask any questions on any aspect at any time and also illustrated in detail what SeekTeachers are establishing to assist teachers settle and enjoy teaching in Qatar, such as Facebook forums and experienced mentors for new teachers to the country, including advice on curricular as well as personal matters.
    In addition, Ash has asked for feedback and suggestions from new recruits on aspects of the SeekTeachers service, so that a fully comprehensive system of information is available for prospective future candidates.
    I consider that the service I have received from SeekTeachers is second to none administratively. However, what I have particularly been impressed with is how Ash has constantly asked for feedback in order to improve the service SeekTeachers gives to candidates. Ash clearly intends to answer every possible need and query and ensure new teachers are as well prepared and equipped as possible to teach in a Middle Eastern country. This can obviously only reap benefits for all, as happy teachers are good teachers!
    Thank you Ash, for your superb guidance, efficiency and humanity.
    Anne Marie Beattie Anne

  • Nasir Ahmed - Maths Teacher - Bahrain

    Nasir Organisations claim to be the best but SeekTeachers have truly provided a 'second to none' service by being helpful at each stage of the registering, interview and ongoing process with extremely quick response to queries demonstrating a strong knowledge and care for the candidate.
    I wholeheartedly recommend SeekTeachers for searching for your teaching or management posts in education.

    Absolutely fantastic service! Nasir

  • Barbara Rubin - Elementary Teacher, Consultant, Principal - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Barbara Ash Waheed, just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. You provide a wonderful service. You are an asset to SeekTeachers. I landed the position you helped me interview for. Please feel free to use my words on your site. I was amazed at the job search results and the diligent effort you put towards my interest. The one I accepted was the dream job that I discussed with you. Your efforts are a reflection on the quality of your work. Thanks so much, you are a pleasure to work with and an exceptional recruiter." I highly recommend to anyone who's pursuing an international teaching job to go through Seek Teachers. If you want the best, consultant with the best. There service is the only thing that hasn’t declined in this sluggish job market. “A million thanks and all the best to you. I will send clients your way." Barbara

  • Paul Grimaud - English Coordinator - Dubai

    Paul Yasar has been of great service through my job employment search. He was dedicated, thorough, personable, and professional. He provided GREAT opportunities and interviews to choose from. He was always available and returned every email in a timely fashion. His personality and relentless work ethic will keep me with SeekTeachers for future job searches. Paul

  • Sean Kelly - Geography Teacher - Sharjah, UAE

    Sean As the Irish teaching market isn’t in the best shape at the moment I decided to look further afield to begin my teaching career. From looking through all the different teaching recruitment websites they all seemed more focused on the school compared to you the teacher. When I thought I’d miss the boat and given up, I found SeekTeachers. Thinking they would be the same as everyone else I applied as normal not expecting much of a reply. From this point on I was introduced to Ash and he was fantastic in helping out with everything. From guidance on job hunting, interview techniques, answering questions, visa issues and flights he was a great recruiter. But what really makes Ash and SeekTeachers unique is that they are supportive, friendly, always contactable and have a fantastic website that is constantly being updated.
    For anyone thinking of the international teaching market, I have no doubt that Ash and SeekTeachers will work just as hard for you as they did for me
    Thanks Ash and SeekTeachers!! Sean

  • Jessica Devlin - Humanities Teacher - Al Ain, UAE

    Jessica I would like to take the time to thank Ash and the team at SeekTeachers for all their help in obtaining employment for my Husband and I in our dream country. Ash was both a professional and confident throughout the entire process of teacher recruitment. The support that Ash provided was second to none, it almost felt as though he was finding a good friend a job. I have worked with many agencies finding employment in many different countries, however I must commend Ash and the team on doing such a good job. The process of recruitment was very smooth, with Ash being very up front about the opportunities available in Middle East and the documents required for obtaining employment. If you are looking for employment I would look no further than Ash and SeekTeachers, the team comes very highly recommended. Jessica

  • Pamela Chandler - Primary Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Pamela Ash Waheed and SeekTeachers are the BEST hands down!! I was made to feel like I was the only client. Ash has gone above and beyond his call, to make a difference in me and my daughter’s life. I have had the most wonderful experience in obtaining a primary teaching position in the UAE. The service and attention is professional, yet very personal. I am so pleased with the process, from the initial sign up though the interviews. I have been teaching for many years in the United States and have always had desires to teach abroad, but am the first to admit, I knew nothing about how to achieve this feat. After being referred to SeekTeachers, I was immediately guided through the process by Ash. Step by step, again the process very professional, yet personal. After getting all of my documents in and interviewing with Ash, I was confident that he would assist me in finding a position. I felt that with each step my best interest was always being considered. Any and all questions answered, big and small. I felt that my experience, personality, my family status and personal choice were all considered in finding a match, which made the interviewing process so much easier. In most cases like this you find that you get a job and move on, never to hear from the recruiters again, I am certain that this is not the case with SeekTeachers, we have developed a partnership. And as their slogan says we will be working together to educate the world. I will certainly (as I already have) highly recommend anyone pursuing international teaching opportunities to go through SeekTeachers. And if in anyway, I may be utilized as a liaison or an ambassador while in my placement I will be honored to do so. Ash Waheed, my recruiter, my advisor, my friend, thank you, you have changed my life forever. I am looking forward to updating you all on my experience. Pamela

  • Eman Elshazly - SEN & EAL Teacher - Doha, Qatar

    Eman Honestly, the quality of service, dedication and friendliness I found in SeekTeachers is above and beyond my expectations. It took me some time to finish the profile, but it turned out to be really worthy. The Interview with Ash was so professional and friendly at the same time. The support and encouragement he provided gave me a lot of hope! And it wasn't for long till I started having interviews through him and instead of being desperate waiting for an interview I started comparing the offers I received..... A very BIG THANK YOU Ash :)
    I definitely recommend Seek Teacher to every qualified teacher looking for the right place to land in. Eman

  • Faith Moeller - Science Teacher

    Faith Working with SeekTeachers was a great experience for me. They helped me with the times of my interviews, setting up my account, and my representative, Ash, could not have been more helpful. He even called me on his own time (late in the evening) with getting everything streamlined for me and asking questions about the interviews. I would not hesitate to recommend this site if you are looking at teaching abroad. They are the best resource! Faith

  • Maryam Khawaja - Science Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Maryam I am very amazed and happy to see a job well done by Ash and SeekTeachers website. I successfully received a job offer for a Science teacher in a UAE High School, and the whole procedure was so rapid. This is my first time I ever trusted a recruitment website, and the credit goes to Ash for guiding me through every step. I feel as if it’s a miracle that I got in touch with Ash through SeekTeachers website, and before I even realized I landed on an excellent work position. I am given an opportunity to work abroad in UAE for the first time in my life, and I am definitely looking forward to it. I would recommend all teachers considering working abroad to apply through SeekTeachers, and you would be amazed at how conveniently the whole procedure will be done for you. I wish all the best to Ash and thank him a lot for helping me find a great job Maryam

  • Nancy Smith - Early Years Teacher - Dubai, UAE

    When I first applied for a career opportunity through SeekTeachers.com, I never knew what to expect in terms of the people and service I’d be getting. However, from the first conversation that I had with Yasar Kayani (one of the associates), I knew that I would get the help that I needed. He was friendly, funny, informative, and he answered my endless supply of questions. The service that I received was invaluable and I cannot thank him and the SeekTeacher’s team enough for the job offer that they helped me get.
    -Nancy Smith

  • Sherien Chapti - KG Teacher - Dubai, UAE

    Finding a job placement through SeekTeachers has been a fruitful experience. My consultant helped me consolidate my interview skills, whilst also giving constructive criticism and feedback. Consequently after being interviewed by a number of schools the consultant help me weigh which school would fit me best, in terms of financial package, quality of the school etcetera. I'm super impressed and highly recommend this agency to those who have an avid interest in teaching abroad!!

  • Alma Lopez-mitchell - Primary Teacher

    Alma SeekTeachers ROCK!!!!! The consultants there, in particular, Ash, has made my journey to teach abroad as easy and stress-free as possible. The way I see it they didn't just find myself a job, they found my whole family a job. Ash considered my family dynamic and was thoughtful in his suggestions for possible and appropriate school placement. We Skype often and he was even online with me checking out flight prices with various airlines! This man goes beyond the call of duty which is why I can truly call him "friend". With SeekTeachers on your side you never have to second guess your decision. Alma

  • Mohammed Rahman - ICT Teacher

    Mohammed My experience of SeekTeachers has been excellent. I have been teaching as an ICT teacher in London for a number of years and this is the first time I'm going to work abroad (in Qatar). Ash was recommended to me by my friend, Atif Alam, who's teaching in Qatar. Right from the first phone call I had with Ash, I received all the support and advice for every point of the application process as I needed. He spent a lot of time explaining all I needed to know about the schools in the middle east, especially about the one I went for my interview with. Ash and his team has always been easy to contact and did all the work on their side to make my application process as smooth as possible. He was very quick to respond to my emails and carried out any requests promptly. SeekTeachers has been very helpful, reliable and transparent with their dealings with me. If I was to look for work abroad again, I'd contact SeekTeachers first and I'd definitely recommend them to any teachers seeking work outside the UK. Thank you Ash! Mohammed

  • Trishawn Hudson - Primary School Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Trishawn I had almost given up after not being accepted to teach abroad with another company, until a colleague told me about her experience with SeekTeachers. I am so glad I listened! Setting up the profile took a little time, but Ash (one of the representatives) was there to guide me through the process and answered any questions I had. My profile gave me access to different schools that were hiring as well as allowed those schools to seek me. Within days, Ash had set me up with two schools that were interested in interviewing me. Shortly after my interview, I was offered a position to teach abroad and now I’m on my away. Thank you so much Ash and SeekTeachers. Trishawn

  • David Waibel - Primary Teacher

    David I am writing this letter as a recommendation for the services of SeekTeachers. Ash Waheed was my consultant in my employment search. From the beginning he was professional, courteous, and incredibly helpful. Any time I had a question he was always prompt in his response and was always able to answer my inquiries. Ash assisted me in finding a job that was the best possible fit for me and my family. I would recommend SeekTeachers to anyone looking for employment in the teaching field David

  • Tanya Penwill - Primary School Teacher - Dongguan, China

    Tanya I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Adele at SeekTeachers for helping me secure a job in China. I will be sad to leave Australia which has been my home for the last 2 years but I am also very much looking forward to starting my Asian adventure. From the moment I registered, Adele was extremely helpful and supportive and was quick to answer any questions I had. SeekTeachers provides a great personalised service and it's so comforting to know that I can call or email Adele at any time should I need help or advice. SeekTeachers also ensured I got all my paperwork ready so that once I was offered a job and signed a contract there was no more copying, signing, emailing or sending I had to do. Bliss! I would recommend SeekTeachers to anyone looking for an International teaching post. Tanya (Primary School Teacher) Tanya

  • Michael Everett - SENCO - Doha, Qatar

    Michael I found Yasar at SeekTeachers to be an invaluable resource when looking for a teaching post in Qatar. He remained professional throughout the process and guided me through the procedure with first hand knowledge and experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Yasar and the team at SeekTeachers to anyone looking for a teaching post in the Middle East Michael

  • Bruce Peacock - Elementary Teacher

    Bruce The service I received from SeekTeachers.com was superior. SeekTeachers has dedicates staff that are very knowledgeable and caring. My consultant was Ash Waheed.

    He without question went the extra mile for me and my family. Ash was very patient, caring and knowledgeable. He really cares about his clients and is very willing to answer to any questions I had.

    Ash provided me with excellent resources to make the transition easier for me and my family. We worked with a lot of recruiters during the process and Ash was the best one we worked with. Without him we would not have gotten the job we were looking for. I would highly recommend SeekTeachers and Ash Waheed to anyone looking for a job overseas.

    Bruce Peacock Bruce

  • Nancy Lee - SEN - Doha, Qatar

    Nancy What can I say about an agency that not only follows delivers what they say they will do, but consistently follows up with the client throughout the process? I save Bravo! Bravo to SeekTeachers.com and Senior Consutant Ash,for making what could have been a difficult process of obtaining employment overseas to one positive, memorable journey that I will tuck away in my memory bank.
    Ash, is "first-class" when it comes to matching the client with the employer. He did that for me. Secondly, he responds quickly to questions and concerns throughout the process and in my case, on a few occasions, exercised great patience, when it came to questions. (smile).

    At the end of the day, I would recommend SeekTeachers.com to those teachers and administrators who are interested in working abroad and discovering that "No one of us knows as much as all of us together."
    Thank-you SeekTeachers and Ash! Nancy

  • Claudette Ungerer - ICT/Business Studies Teacher

    Claudette My husband and I had a very bad experience with a recruitment agency, and we almost lost everything.
    I came across SeekTeachers website, and applied for a teaching position in Abu Dhabi. The same day Ash phoned me from the UK and arranged a meeting with the school 2 days later. I got the job and leaving SA in about a week.
    It an honour for me to write this letter and testify of his EXCELLENT work and quick feedback on any questions that I had. I will highly recommend him as a recruitment agent, and will never work with another recruitment agency again. Not only does he reply quickly but he helps with every and anything that you struggle with. He is always friendly and extremely good in his job.
    I will not hesitate to refer anyone to him due to his excellent and professional way of handling matters.
    I just want to thank him for his OUTSTANDING work and way of dealing with me. Claudette

  • James Burgoyne - Experienced Art Teacher - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    James SeekTeachers have provided an outstanding service. From the moment I registered my consultant Ash Waheed was extremely helpfull and supportive. Unlike other teaching recruitment companies I was given a personalised service. I was not simply put on a general automated overseas job mailer. It was refreshing to be able to speak directly with Ash throughout the process. I am now working in my chosen country within my specialim and I am enjoying the experiance thanks to the work of SeekTeachers! James

  • Faiyaz Hoosein - English Teacher - Sharjah, UAE

    I can't express enough gratitude to Ash and SeekTeachers for all their help in securing a teaching post in Sharjah. Not only were they exceptionally helpful, organised and prompt with finalising my procedures, but also interacting with Ash was amongst the most pleasant of experiences I've come across. He has done more than help with paperwork and technicalities, he also put to ease a lot of my anxiety about my big move. Thanks buddy,you've been awesome!