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Housing & Living Expenses

Starting with Rent, costs in Luxembourg are high and rate at similar costs to the United Kingdom and other wealthy European Economies. For instance, a one bedroom apartment in the city centre will set you back EUR 1,200 ($1700 or £990) while outside the city centre you’ll be looking at a lesser EUR 930 ($1300 or £770). Meanwhile, a three bedroom apartment inside the city centre will cost you EUR 2400 ($3300 or £2000) and outside of the city centre it’ll cost closer to EUR 1700 ($2400 or £1400).

Food is generally cheaper but still somewhat expensive. For example, a litre of water will cost you EUR 6.50 ($9 or £5.30), a meal in a restaurant will cost between EUR 15 and EUR 70 ($21 to $97 or £12 to £58), a litre of milk will set you back EUR 1.10 ($1.50 or £0.90), 500g of bread costs around EUR 1.50 ($2.10 or £1.20) and 12 eggs will cost you around EUR 1.70 ($2.40 or £1.40).

Luxuries are similarly expensive with a litre of beer costing around EUR 2.60 ($3.60 or £2.10), a packet of cigarettes costing around EUR 5 ($6.90 or £4.10) and a bottle of mid-range wine setting you back around EUR 6 ($8.30 or £4.90).