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Phone Lines, Internet & Communications

Phone Lines

Luxembourg has over 315,000 main telephone lines in use and over 216,000 mobile phones in use, it uses a highly developed completely automated system of buried cables to carry communications across the country and into neighbouring European countries Germany, France and Belgium but also uses 3 channels leased on TAT-6 coaxial submarine cables to carry communications internationally from Europe to North America and beyond.


Over 100,000 people use the internet in Luxembourg and there are a large number of ISPs that use the top level country code .lu. Additionally, it should be mentioned that large-scale internet integration projects are being utilized throughout the country, for example, Hotcity, a city-wide WiFi bubble, is being fitted in some of the busiest districts in the country.


There are few TV Broadcast stations in the country but there are over 300,000 Televisions owned across the country. Additionally, the country owns over 300,000 Radios and Radio Broadcast stations are operated on AM 2, FM 9 and Shortwave 2.