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One of the oldest private schools in Abu Dhabi, Al Rabeeh School is located right at the heart of the community and works to foster pride in each and every one of their students in both their religious and cultural backgrounds. 

The school uses the British National Curriculum, UAE Culture & Islamic Studies and the Ministry of Education Arabic Curriculum as well as Special Educational Needs for children in Key Stage 2 whom require it. Al Rabeeh School considers itself dual language and as such the school teaches in both English and Arabic with students in Key Groups one and two learning basic skills in both English and Arabic. The school’s philosophy believes in using a new, modern curriculum combination to foster respect between one another and between themselves and adults, as well as respecting the environment and other cultures. 

All students start at 7:40am but finish at differing times, with Kindergarten finishing at 1:15pm, Grades 1 & 2 finishing at 1:30pm and Grades 3, 4, 5 and 6 finishing at 2pm. The school week is Sunday to Thursday and students must be dropped off and picked up from school 10 minutes before and after the bells ring, respectively. 

Various trips and visits are organized throughout the year for each and every class for varying topics.
Taking part in optional afternoon club activities, for which a fee is charged, is encouraged and offered for all students from Grade 1 onwards.

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