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Stepping Stones Nursery was established in 1997. located in Abu Dhabi it now has branches in Al Bateen, East Corniche, Between Two Bridges (Abu Dhabi Gate City) and Khalifa City A.
The nursery deliveries the Montessori Curriculum and delivers the best quality care in the early year section in the area.  The curriculum allows the nursery to probvide a wife range of indoor and outdoor activities to support and develop children's learning.  The nursery is a stimuating and safe environment for children to learn and enjoy their time in .  
Stepping Stones Nursery encourages caring and respectful attitudes towards others, a positive self-image, a love of learning and promote each child’s natural desire to explore and experiment.
Staff at Stepping Stones Nursery are experienced and western trained to ensure there is a high calibre and consistent level of education provided for all its children. The nursery promotes its employees professional development and is a key in being part of the community.

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