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SeekTeachers is a market leading international teacher recruitment consultancy with a difference: We specialise in recruiting international teachers and managers for international nurseries, schools, colleges and universities around the world, with the added touch of using the latest web technology to help you find the right member of staff, quickly and efficiently.  With specialist trained consultants that have been ex-educators, we know what it takes for professional educators to teach internationally and we understand the challenges that international nurseries, schools, colleges and universities face finding the best possible staff.

The team at SeekTeachers actively will actively visit our clients to get the best possible understanding of your requirements and put you in the best possible limelight to the high calibre candidates that apply to us.  With cutting edge web technology we are able to source great educators throughout the year, market your country and your institute.  To put your mind at ease ALL the candidates that register with SeekTeachers are fully vetted before which includes doing the following checks:
  • An up to date CV/Profile
  • A valid passport copy
  • A passport photo on white background
  • University Degree(s) & Transcript
  • Teaching Qualification(s)
  • Written References x 2
  • A recent Criminal Police Check (no older than 3 months)
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) (if applicable)
  • No Objection Letter (NOL) (if applicable)
In addition all candidates are interviewed prior to becoming active on our secure site, so you have peace of mind that of the candidates you are choosing to interview.
Finding the right number of qualified staff is becoming increasingly difficult as the number of international schools, colleges and universities is on the rise, while the number of educators being produced remains at a constant pace.  In addition there is also an increase in the type of specialised curricula being deployed around the world that it's becoming increasingly difficult to find the right type of qualified staff.  
Here at SeekTeachers we don't just do recruitment in the old fashioned way.  If you are a Head Teacher we know just how busy you can be on a daily basis. This is even more apparent during the recruitment period where you are looking to replace lost staff so that you can have a "full ship" to work with and focus on more important aspects of running your institute. Time becomes of the essence during this time.
If you don't like being badgered by recruitment consultants and want the "first pick of the cherry" in your own time, then we have the ideal solution for you: We use cutting edge web technology to speed up the ENTIRE recruitment process by putting YOU the employer in greater control of WHO you interview and WHEN you want to interview.  You don't have to wait around for a recruitment consultant to call you and inform you of a candidate because we put YOU in the driving seat of your own recruitment but take the pain staking work of searching, vetting & pre-interviewing candidates for you.  You still have the added option of being personally informed of top candidates which have been registered with SeekTeachers if you want.  The choice is totally yours! 
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Benefits of registering with SeekTeachers as follows:
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Cutting edge web technology for a time saving recruitment solution.
  • Brand your organisations
  • Browse UNLIMITED thoroughly vetted candidates for your peace of mind. 
  • Being able to view LIVE candidate profiles. 
  • Arrange interviews with potential candidates at your convenience
  • Post UNLIMITED jobs
  • Specialist recruitment advice
  • Get a tailored recruitment fair hosted for you for FREE
  • And much more!

Recruitment Fairs

Are you looking to fill more than one vacancy?  Would you prefer SeekTeachers to find all the necessary candidates for you?  Would you like a customised serviced just for you?  If so, review our bespoke Recruitment Fair Service.

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