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American Baccalaureate School is based in Kuwait city, it was established 7 years ago and continues to build on its reputation as the best American school in Kuwait. It has successfully integrated a great balance of Islamic values and manners into everyday school life. 
 Abs delivers the American New York curriculum to pupils aged from 3 through to 16. There are currently 1600 boys and girls who attend the school and ABS are looking to grow this number by 400 over the next 2 years. 
When it comes to facilities ABS has enjoyed massive funding and has one of the biggest campus buildings in Kuwait. The building is fully facilitated with everything the students need to enjoy and achieve the maximum academic potential they have. ABS are also committed to providing the students a very horizontal curriculum covering a large array of subjects such as Drama, music, Home economics, textiles and P.E.
All teachers at ABS are fully qualified teachers and specialists in their subject field. Although an American school delivering the New York state curriculum ABS will consider British teachers with experience of the UK National Curriculum as the transition between curriculums has been successful in the past.
SeekTeachers are extremely impressed by the absolute attention to detail when it comes to guiding the teacher through the recruitment process to the point the teacher completes their contract with ABS. All paperwork is transparent and all details are clearly stated and delivered. From the point you are picked up at the airport the school goes to great lengths to ensure you are comfortable, after all starting a new job can be difficult enough let alone being in a new country.
ABS are leading the way in providing accommodation to professionals, our client has a professional contractor to clean the apartments before you arrive. They also purchase a brand new mattress, new cutlery and microwave before you arrival.
The owners of the school are one of the wealthiest families in Kuwait and opened the school to give back to the future generations of Kuwait. They are very passionate and committed to providing the best for the pupils to prepare them for life after education.

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