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Our Educational Consultancy located in the United Arab Emirates can assist you in the following set up to help hire, and develop a strong team of educators:
As part of the HR process, SeekTeachers can help your organisation grow by doing the following:

  1. Carry out a feasibility study of your organisational needs
  2. Help set up the HR department
  3. Review, edit and enhance HR Policies and Procedure
  4. Advise on the Organisational Structure
  5. Review, edit and create Job Descriptions
  6. Review, edit and create Employee Handbook
  1. Review, edit and create Departmental Policies and Procedures
  2. Review, edit and create Disciplinary Procedures
  3. Review, edit and create Staff Appraisals
  4. Advice on candidate screening/suitable of educational staff
  5. Carry out staff screening to ensure the candidate's suitability for the role
  6. Advice on CPD needed to upskill staff
  7. Advice on Ed-Tech Products

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