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The Irish Club of Luxembourg exists to bring together those wishing to preserve Irish culture and host a variety of events for their members exclusively including a St Patrick’s Dinner Party, a Ski Trip, an Irish Clubs’ Night, Christmas and New Years’ Parties and much more!

A dedicated group of theatricals, Pirate Productions produces a range of plays, theatre productions, musicals and more and welcome new members of any skill level to join and take part in new plays.

Allowing adults of all levels of musical experience and training to join from complete newbies to masterful singers, Voices International is a choir with a focus on producing performances of all styles including rock, jazz, blues, soul, gospel, barbershop, classical and more.

Perhaps you’d like the Rotaract Club? It aims to bring peace and international understanding to the world through a community-level ability of productive thinking and individual skill development, it’s open to all those over 18.

Or maybe you’re more of a fantasy person with a focus on medieval or sci-fi culture? The Science Fiction & Fantasy Society of Luxembourg holds a variety of events all year around and attends LuxCon, the biggest comic, movie and game convention of Luxembourg, each and every year.

Are you looking for a more competitive outlook but don’t wish to strain yourself? The Curling Society of Luxembourg competes on a national and international level to push the sport to new limits each and every day through practice, theory, training and a bit of good ‘ol fashioned elbow grease.