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Club, Pub & Nightlife

Like large nightclubs, parties and bouncing tunes? You’ll love Melusina in Clausen! The club boasts a huge dancefloor coupled with multiple surrounding lodges and a VIP area which plays more chilled out music, the Superlounge.

Perhaps you’d prefer something a little more dance-y but with a retro feel? Try Scott’s in Grund, this Irish Pub is divided into three areas, one being outside, and has a nightclub in the top area which plays 70’s style music.

Maybe you prefer something a little more refined? The Vinoteca is a beautiful wine-bar run by a top sommelier and boasts a beautiful valley-view from the terrace as well as a cool cellar bar area to chill out away from the hot sun.

The Tube is an English Pub which incorporates a tube design based on the styles of the London Underground, its known best for being an active sports bar which plays football around the clock and all through the week on many of its large TV screens.

A mysterious garden awaits you as the Secret Garden unfolds, its entrance shrouded; it features a variety of comfortable sofas and chairs in an open setting environment and cool drinks all around to help you enjoy the night atmosphere.