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The school actually has a couple of different campuses with both in the city of Alexandria with the first being their Kindergarten and 1st Grade Classes located in a beautifully large villa in the region of Semouha, and their second being the Secondary School located in Downtown on the entrance of Alexandria from the desert road.
The first and, currently, the only International Baccalaureate School in Alexandria, Alexandria International Academy currently offers a Primary Years Programme but plans to expand to include both a Middle Years and an International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. The school primarily teaches in both English and French languages and strives to create a multi-cultural environment where students are able to become fully fluent in both tongues. Alexandria International Academy has been formed on the belief that all students should be able to draw on their own heritage and learning experiences alike to develop as a person, through various methods the school helps to motivate the student towards a positive attitude towards learning. The Semouha campus is equipped with a variety of facilities including a gymnasium, a learning garden, a library, a playground and spacious classrooms with computers in each and every one. Additionally due to their locations, both campuses have full access to the Alexandria Library, one of the most highly reputed literary centres in the world, as well as many of the public gardens, athletic clubs and theatres in the local area.
The academy currently incorporates a wide variety of extracurricular clubs and activities including, but not limited to, Storytelling, Gardening, Sports, Arts, Cooking, Music and Crafts. 

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