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Part of the Laureate International Universities network which operates in over thirty countries through over eighty accredited institutions and serving 850,000 students, INTI is a rapidly growing University and College network and now it seeks candidates willing to work with them as they push the throttle into high gear. The organization offers a wide array of opportunities for individual and professional growth, vast resources, detailed knowledge and strategies for best practices, and is always looking for dedicated lecturers and tutors to join their passionate team. 

Founded well over 25 years ago, INTI International University & Colleges has rapidly risen to take the lead in championing a brand new type of educational experience, allowing its teachers to empower its students. The organization spans across east, north and central Malaysia and has centres in Penang, Subangm Kuala Lumpur and Sabah. However, its connections to the Laureate International Universities network it with over 75 institutions in over 30 countries, teaching over 800 thousand students.
The organization offers an extensive range of Cambridge A Levels, South Australian Matriculation, New South Wales Higher School Certificates and a range of Foundation, Bachelor, Master and Doctorate Degrees in a vast array of subjects. As is standard in Malaysia, most of the local areas surrounding the centres as well as many of the staff themselves are Bilingual in English and Malay, sometimes speaking Arabic and/or Mandarin as well. INTI believes in education that empowers, stating that the best kind of education is the one that will empower you for life. Facilities are vast depending on subject but include a range of studios, auditoriums, gym facilities and specialized equipment for art & design, engineering, culinary and IT, among others. 

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