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YK Pao School is based in Shanghai, China. This is a non-profit school that provides a bilingual curriculum for primary secondary students.  The school offers the finest education to Chinese students. There are two campuses for this school:
  • Primary Campus in Changning
  • Secondary Campus in Songjiang
Changing Campus
This campus delivers education to students year 1-6. The campus has a library, IT lab and science labs. There are dedicated rooms for Art and Music as well as an auditorium.  The campus actively promoted sport as part of the curriculum and school culture. A result there is a heated indoor swimming pool. The school also cares for the environment with a green roof with sustainable building materials.
Songjiang Campus
This campus is over 60,000 sq meters and is located near an English Tudor-style Thames town. It is about 40 minutes from the centre of town where there are a number of high quality universities n the region.  The campus is split into four mini buildings for administration, boarding and sports.  It also has ice-skating rink and an Olympics size swimming pool near the campus.
The school mission is as follows:
**Develop the whole child to its full potential
**Provide the Chinese language and culture as the foundation for the child
**Assist in making the children become global citizens of the world
The school aims to self-motivate students through the love of learning, promote the use of both Chinese and English, create independent thinking students, promote students to be innovative thinkers, promote students to have a care for the community and promote leadership and teamwork amongst students and teachers.
The YK Pao curriculum is custom designed by leading educators from China and overseas to provide a cutting edge approach to students learning and to best prepare them for university life and success in their future. The primary and junior curriculum is based on the Shanghai Curriculum and in the secondary school gears students towards the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The YK Pao School is due to apply for accreditation from the IB Organisation.
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