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Starting in 1980, the Gulf English School opened up to 150 students, tutoring children from a KG stage to Year 11. The school is located in Salwa, Hawalli, Kuwait.
The school follows a modified version of the National Curriculum of English and Wales but also utilizes an accelerated programme for gifted children. The Gulf English School teaches in both English and Arabic. They provide a warm and friendly environment, encouraging the children to care for each and to appreciate a multi-cultural world. Students have access to several laboratories, a sports hall, IT suites, a 20m swimming pool and an assembly hall. 

The school teaches around 1800 pupils and sees a ratio at 60% Kuwaiti nationals, 25% Egyptian nationals and the remaining 15% are made up of around 30 different nationalities. Classes are usually broken down to a maximum size of 29. 

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