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Permanent vacancy in Hanoi, Vietnam
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Private  International , Middle & Secondary School
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Permanent, Full Time
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Overseas & Local applicants accepted
Dec 31, 2020
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This job has expired.  View similar jobs
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Face to Face, Telephone, Web Camera,
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Social Studies (Humanities) Teacher in Vietnam - January 2021 Start

: All Dewey/Gateway teachers must:
  1. Demonstrate deep knowledge of the content area, instructional pedagogy and project-based earning.
  2. Icorporate knowledge of students' needs including academic abilities, developmental strengths or challenges, language, and culture into the implementation of instructional activities.
  3. Implement interventions, accommodations, and modifications as needed.
  4. Set instructional outcomes that are appropriately challenging, clear, sequenced, and aligned vertically and horizontally within and across content.
  5. Complete lesson plans based on the innovative, project-based curriculum as per the direction of the Head of School.
  6. Incorporate a variety of instructional resources into teaching and learning, including materials provided by the school curriculum and outside materials to support enrichment.
  7. Implement a project-based, innovative curriculum design based on well-structured units that include purposeful hands-on activities, appropriate materials, and grouping that meets the individual needs of students in the classroom.
  8. Use assessment to inform planning and instruction for whole class, small groups,
  9. and individual remediation and/or enrichment learning.

CLASSROOM ENVIRONMENT: All Dewey/Gateway teachers must
  1. Develop and maintain strong, respectful, and productive relationships with all members of the school community.
  2. Create a student-centered learning environment where the focus of instruction is on the students to be autonomous, independent, and to place the responsibility for learning in their hands.
  3. Create a classroom culture that supports respectful teacher-to-student, student-to-student, and student- to-teacher communication.
  4. Maintain a classroom that communicates high expectations, the value of content, and the importance of quality student work as demonstrated through the display of quality student work and instruction.
  5. Develop and maintain a well-managed and well-organized classroom where there are clear structures, routines, and organization that support safety and learning. -Demonstrate a clearly defined plan for maintaining student behavior that includes clear expectations, on-going monitoring of behavior, and appropriate responses to misbehavior.
  6. Maintain a classroom environment that is safe and supports the needs of a variety of learning activities.

INSTRUCTION: All Dewey/Gateway teachers must
  1. Deliver student-centered instruction that communicates a clear purpose, process, and is highly engaging for students.
  2. Direct spoken and written language toward students that is correct, incorporates new words and concepts to stretch student vocabulary.
  3. Actively engage students with high quality questions that emphasize higher order thinking skills while allowing for sufficient wait time.
  4. Encourage and engage students in relevant conversations during instruction where students demonstrate leadership and allow for a variety of voices to be -heard.
  5. Design and implement activities and assignments that cognitively engage students while allowing for adaptation and ownership to meet students’ individual needs.
  6. Utilize grouping (mixed-ability or same-ability depending upon the task and focus) to support classroom learning.
  7. Actively monitor student understanding and performance within and beyond the classroom to inform planning and instruction.
  8. Provide regular feedback to students that is constructive and supports growth and improvement.
  9. Develop systems and processes that allow students to self-assess and improve performance on tasks.
  10. Demonstrate flexibility and responsiveness to adjust lessons to meet the needs of students while also maintaining persistence in finding effective learning strategies that will support student success.

PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITIES: All Dewey/Gateway teachers must
  1. Demonstrate appropriate reflection on the effectiveness of lessons or units to inform future instruction.
  2. Maintain accurate records of completion of student assignments, student progress/grades/rubrics, and non- instructional records needed to support teaching and the functioning of the school.
  3. Involve students in monitoring, interpreting, and acting on feedback.
  4. Communicate with parents or guardians on a regular basis in regard to course expectations, instructional program, and student progress (positive feedback and concerns).
  5. Engage parents by getting them involved in the school community or by attending school events.
  6. Participate positively in the school community by building strong and productive professional relationships, engaging in a culture of inquiry focused on school or student improvement, providing service to the school, and by participating in school projects and special events.
  7. Actively initiate and engage in opportunities to grow professionally including but not limited to participation in professional development, instructional coaching, and feedback from colleagues or administration.
  8. Provide service to the profession and fellow teachers by assisting other educators and seeking to contribute to the advancement of the profession.
  9. Demonstrate professionalism by conducting oneself with integrity, ethics, provision of service and advocacy for students and families.
  10. Participate in team or departmental decision-making by maintaining an open mind and acting in the best interests of students.
  11. Comply with campus, school, and district regulations.

OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: All Dewey/Gateway teachers must
  1. Refer students that are struggling academically, socially, emotionally, or academically to the school- based intervention team.
  2. Complete school-based documentation in a timely manner including but not limited to interim reports, report cards, student logs, incident reports, etc.
  3. Provide supervision for students at all assigned times during the school day.
  4. Accept responsibility for the completion of a minimum of one additional duty and an advisory course.
  5. Any additional duties assigned at the discretion of their supervisor.
Apply Now by sending your CV/Resume to expat.recruitment@educo.edu.vn

Minimum Application Requirements

Minimum Qualification Requirement: B.Ed, BA Degree with a relevant PGCE (QTS/GTC/GTP)
Familty status
Single Teacher with No Dependant(s)
3 Years
Type of Staff:
Male or Female can apply to this job
Must be western trained (USA, Canada, UK, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand & South Africa)
Must be a native speaker of English
Newly Qualified Teachers are NOT considered
A Newly Qualified Teachers program is not provided
Prefer candidates with international experience
Open University qualification(s) are NOT accepted
Teachers with a degree but no teaching qualification are NOT accepted
Experienced teachers with no qualification are NOT accepted
Non-western trained teachers who have worked in an international educational institute before are NOT accepted

Remuneration Package

Salary Range:
A salary   USD (U.S. Dollar)  based on experience and qualification, TAX FREE
Private medical provided
Tuition fees covered for children:
% discount is offered for child 1
% discount is offered for child 2
Contract Length:
2 years contract renewable on mutual agreement

Important Information

Document Attestation:
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SeekTeachers™ is acting as an Employment Agency. To apply register now, or alternatively send a CV with a photo to expat.recruitment@educo.edu.vn

Please Note: The job description and requirements above have come directly from the employer and not from SeekTeachers. This is an overseas position with different cultural beliefs and a segregated learning policy and as such it satisfies the criteria of a genuine requirement for the post, under schedule 9 of the Equality Act 2010.

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