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Lusaka international community school is one of the top international schools across Zambia. The school reputation is slowly growing in the number of students and is increasingly adding more facilities. The school was built just over 15 years ago by the Zambian government and in recent years has become progressively popular. In the last year the school has increased it's number of students from 480 to 550. The number of students is evenly split between expats and non expats. The majority of international students are from England and Ireland. The students in the school are very passionate about education and want to make sure their further life is as prominent as possible.
The school provides the children all resources they need to ensure they are reaching their full potential. The facilities are regularly updated to allow the children to train with the best equipment possible. The school offer a top education and to do so all teachers need to meet their requirements. These are that teachers should have a minimum of two years’ experience and a minimum of a degree. Majority if the teachers have experience of the English curriculum. 
The school is based in the capital city of Zambia in the most remote area called Lusaka. The school is surrounded by local family houses and 2 small family parks. This is where students all let their hair down after working hard during a school day. The support team in the school is amazing as well as all of the international teachers. They have all worked together to better the reputation of the school.   
This amazing school has recently announced that they are looking to improve both the facilities inside the school and the size of the campus. They are considering adding more science laboratories and a school library. Some of the school current facilities are – Small school library, ICT suits, Interactive whiteboards in some classrooms, school chapel, Music department, school field and plenty of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.
The school was founded in 1993 by a group of parents who are hoping to help the children in their future lives by giving them an international curriculum.  The schools location is beautiful as it is in a small quiet city in the capital of Lusaka. This is a big attraction for parents. Since the opening of the of the school it has been accredited by the Council of International Schools which proves the schools development throughout it years. This school would be perfect for somebody that prefers a relaxing life and enjoys adventuring and wildlife.

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