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Greensprings in located in one of the most popular cities in the whole of Nigeria, Lagos. The city is south of Nigeria and has wonderful beaches for you to visit in your time there. The schools location is a main reason to why it has become so popular. It is central to many shopping malls and family parks. The area the school is located in is extremely quiet and local to all students.
Greens springs was opened in 1985 and originally started off as a school that delivered Montessori. The school’s reputation grew massively in a short amount of time which allowed them to progress and become a leading institute in the whole of Nigeria. The school offers first class education from foundation stage up to post 16. The school believes that providing them with a school that delivers all levels of education gives the parents and students stability. The school also promotes the IB curriculum teaching the students about everyday life and helping them build self-assurance.
The school continue to grow and allowed them to open up another campus around a 45 minute drive away. This campus also delivers all levels of education and is always looking for new ways to increase their educational standards.
In total the school has over 2500 students and around 500 teachers and support staff. The school campuses are huge and compete with the best of schools. Majority of the students attending the schools are from the local area being Nigerians but approximately 20% of the students are from several of countries all around the world.
 The school aims to ensure the foundation of life long educational experience which will help their students gain confidence and respect that will help them achieve their goals in further life. The schools mission is to promote lifelong learning in an open atmosphere that will help the students remain motivated toward education.
The school can foresee it to continue to grow and aim to become one of the top schools in the whole of Africa and ensure that their students have a positive life ahead of themselves.
Greensprings School is considered one of the most technical schools in the whole of west Africa. Some of the facilities are listed below:
**Large School Fields
**Interactive whiteboards
**Imacs in all classrooms
**ICT facilities throughout 
**Amazing sports hall 
**Great after school clubs including football with African football star Kanu
**Great Art Facilities
**Brilliant school library

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