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St George's International School is based in Luxembourg. The school belives that learning should be accessible for all children so that they can find the right tools and opportunities to further their career.
The school delivers the UK national curriculum of England and Wales and is a member of the Council of British International School (COBIS) as well as the European Council of International School (ECIS).  It is an edxcel approved centre and is also a Cambridge International Centre. Students are warm and friendly and there is an international pool of students.
There are about 700 students in this school aged 3-18 years of age. The school philosophy is to;
**Provde a challenging yet caring envrionment
**Promote academics success and achievement
**Create a rich culture diverse community
**Promote indivdual development
Staff are recruited from around the globe and have many years of experience and professionalism behind them. The school is an international school with multi-lingual students and teachers. The school is located about 10 minuets fromt the cetre of Luxembourg City. It is easily accesibl by public transport and all major transport connection. 
The school is a modern, custom built campus which is fullyu air-conditioned with hi-technology.  The building is split into 3:
**The Hamilius Building
**Lentz and Barthel
**The Admin Building
The school also have a library with over 15,000 in circa. There is a hi-tech ICt system in the school which also provide WiFi across the school. All of the classroom have technology in them which includes: a desktop computer, interactive whiteboards and laptops.
There are many extra-curriclaur activities which take place such as:4 a side Football League, Advanced Descant Recorder Club, Arts and Crafts, Basketball Club, Board Games Club, Chemistry Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, Enterprise Club, Football Club, Fun Fitness Club, Gardening Club, Gavel Club, Guitar Club, 
Jeux de Cartes/ Playing Cards Club, KS 4 & 5 Study Hall, Latin Club, Mandarin Lessons, Maths Club, Mérite Jeunesse, Music and Dance Club, Netball Club, Ocarina Club, Origami Club, Programming Club, 
Recorders Club, Science Club, Secondary School Magazine Club (The Hamm Sandwich), Spanish Club, Swimming Club, Team Games Club, Tenor/Bass Recorder Club, Treble/Alto Recorder Club, Unified Sports Club, Yoga Club, German for Adults, Italian for Adults
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