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Dulwich College originated in the South East of London and is a boarding and day independent school. It was founded in 1619.  It is the one of the UK's oldest independent schools today. In the 1870s, Dulwich College was redeveloped on its 70 acres green land on Dulwich Common. Dulwich College works closely with Goldsmiths, University of London and their own Dual Language provision.

Due to the school’s success, the fine quality of Dulwich education is also delivered in Asia. The Dulwich network of schools provides excellent education for nearly 8000 students welcoming from more than 60 countries since 2003. DCI is the fastest expanding UK Independent school network abroad with 10 schools in 7 cities and 4 countries in Asia consisting of many campuses.

Dulwich schools exist in:
South Korea
Seoul– Dulwich college Seoul was the 4th to join DCI; opening in 2010. The enrolled over 650 students from age 3 – 18 coming from 40 different nationalities. Collaborating closing with other schools in Dulwich college to gain an International Outlook and build a large community which creativity is appreciated, academic ability is increased; and other cultures, traditions and festivals are celebrated. DCS educates children from 3-18 years with English being a focused language. Just like the other schools it offers Early Yeas Foundation Stage for up to age 5 and National Curriculum of England and Wales for Year 1 – Year 9 to meet standards of an International Student. With Year 10-11 completing IGCSE and succeeding TO IBDP Qualification for Year 12-13 covering the core subject Maths, Science, English and more.
Yangon – Dulwich College Yangon Pun Hlaing joined the DCI in 2015 and opening the Star City Campus in 2017.

  • Pun Hlaingcampus is about learning Philosophy and provides an environment that is created to cultivate the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of our students to help them learn; study effectively as well as to achieve their goals and use vital skills in their future. The campus opened in August 2016 on a 12-acre greenfield site; and in August 2017 it was extended, introducing a Middle School building containing 350-seat black box theatre, art and design studios, science laboratories, a library and sports fields, etc. Supporting Early Years, Junior School and Middle School and has a close connection with Star City campus.
  • Star Citycampus follows same regulations as Pun Hlaing; positioning over 8 hectares (20 acres) land on the southern-eastern site of the city. Covering for Early Years, Junior school and will expand each year for Senior School. Further development is on-going and more large facilities available for all students designed for their age and abilities. 30 minutes’ drive from downtown and provides a school bus service covering most areas of Yangon.

South Malaysia

Singapore –Dulwich College (Singapore) With over 1900 students aged from 2 – 16 from over 50 different countries, the Singapore College is the largest in the group and was the 7th College to join the DCI and promotes an international outlook with stylish buildings and big classrooms to boost the education for children and enable teachers to teach properly. It’s a modern school that supports in Academic Framework for Early Years, Juniors and Seniors with covering core subjects and offering IGCSE and IBDP qualifications.


Beijing – Dulwich College Beijing was the 2nd to join the DCI schools, established in 2005 catering to few 100 students. DCB consists of 1460 students, ages 1 to 18, with over 45 different nationalities represented to our diverse student body. DCB also, encourages students to take part in broader college community and assist them with any requirements. The college provides education for Early Years (up to age 5), Junior school (age 7-11), Senior School (age 11-18) and Year 1 – Year 9 follows the National Curriculum of England and Wales to boost to meet the requirement of international student body. Year 10 does IGCSE qualification with subjects – Maths and sciences, English and foreign language with humanities with completing exams in Year 11 and preparing for 2-year IBDP starting in Year 12.

Shanghai – Dulwich CollegeShanghai Pudong is the 1st independent school in China, and it opened in 2003. Dulwich College Shanghai Puxi campus opened in 2016 and presently accepts 2 – 13 years old students.
  • Shanghai Pudong campus provides educations for students age 2 to 18 support them with their needs and helping them built their way to each year to become successful and gain a lot of valuable knowledge as well as leading them to their desire carers. Teachers and peers are very supportive, and it is a friendly, safe environment with IGCSE and IB credentials for students to complete by exams and learning throughout their school process.
  • Shanghai Puxi campus follows the same qualifications as the other school which is crucial accreditations accepted internationally for early years to juniors and currently expanding more years for seniors with Year 7 and Year 8 available presently providing National Curriculum for England and Wales and leading to IGCSE syllabus.

Suzhou  Dulwich College Suzhou establish in 2007; and is the third to join the family of schools. It delivers education for approximately 950 students ranging from age 2 to 18. Dulwich International High School Suzhou is only foreign-owned international programme high school which opened in 2012 and currently has 670 students, aged from 14 to 19.
  • Academically, the both campuses educates provides students with a challenging, bright and educative environment to increase their confident and support the children through each year to build their level of knowledge, skills to achieve their targets and for them to become successful leaders. The certifications provider is IGCSE and IBDP which are international accreditations and are very necessary qualifications world-wide especially in the UK.
  • Dulwich College Suzhou provides for students age 2 to 18 and DHSZ provides for students 14 to 19 exceeding for IGCSE, A-Level Programmes with Mathematics and English as compulsory subjects and Counselling to prepare students for leading universities and applications as all students are expected to attend Universities.


Dulwich International High School Zhuhai – opened its door in 2010 with the respected Yung Wing School; the Zhuhai high school teaches over 300 students from age 14 to 18 providing IGCSE education programme for 16 to 16 years old and A-level programme for Maths and English as obligatory subjects. It focuses on building students’ fluency in English language to increase their skills and confidence as it is encouraged by an English cultural programme. It provides outstanding facilities to support the children to learn, play and be active such as a Science lab, sports hall, drama studio, ICT rooms, an outdoor playground and much more!

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