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Warsaw International Nursery, Pre-School and Elementary School located in the heart of Warsaw, Poland. It is a small but growing organisation that takes pride in getting the very best from its students and staff.

The nursery delivers the finest education to students aged between 1 and 6 years of age.  By the time students are coming to the age of 6 Warsaw International School aims to have students that are:

  • Autonomous and self-sufficient
  • Ready to start education at school
  • Capable to function in a group (diversified by languages and cultures)
  • In possession of knowledge focusing on their multi-skill development
  • Respectful for the cultural variety of other people
  • Capable of understanding and communicating in three languages- Polish, English, and Spanish or Chinese
The school is now a growing organisation and is expanding due to its success and popularity in the community. 

Warsaw International School aims to help its students feel as part of the community and so it promotes the child finding their own place in the group and understand and follow with the rules around that. In addition it promotes the child to think independantly and well as part of a team. By offering an array of languages, students discover not only new languages but also customs and cutures so that can respect each other but also value the opinion of others in a mature manner.

Warsaw International is big on languages and so it accepts teachers, from various parts of the world including UK, Spain, China or teachers that are able to speak Polish, English, Spanish or Chinese.  Come join our professional yet fun organisation and be part of an international organisation with excellent values, teaching and learning!

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