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The Institute of Applied technology was founded in 2005 by his Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nayan ruler of the United Arab Emirates. As part of the education reform and reinvestment the senior leaders of the UAE decided that rather than continues investment in the Abu Dhabi Education Council they needed a new strategy and direction to educate the future generations of the Emirati people. 
So they turned to the military education system for some ideas, in turn what they found was remarkable approach to education that was instilled into the cadets. They were engaged, motivated to learn and had a great understanding that the rulers of the UAE had invested vast wealth into their futures with global investment across all sectors that they would be managing one day. They realised they were they future of the country and its vast national and global projects. 
After careful definition, initiation and planning the man in charge of the military education system was also positioned to innovate the Emirati education system not just in Abu Dhabi as ADEC were doing but across the Emirates or states of the UAE. In 2004 he turned to his team of seniors and had a reshuffle to establish a new umbrella of campus locations that were not military but part of this new project. They cautiously yet ingeniously devised a plan that would revolutionise education not just in the UAE but on a global scale.
In 2005 the first campus building was opened in Abu Dhabi the head state of the UAE. A simply mind boggling purpose built campus building that looks more like a commercial financial building rather than a school, this giving the students a feel that they are already part of something much bigger, a sense of belonging, a motive in itself to educate to their highest ability. The students mesmerised by the white glossy tiled walls, a reception are that puts skyscraper receptions to shame, fully climate controlled, each class room with amazing custom designed furniture, educators provided with all facilities required do deliver the perfect lesson. This Abu Dhabi campus dealt specifically with technology based learning rather than a very horizontal subject timetable focus was on core subject areas English, Maths, Physics and general science alongside specialist subjects such as electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science.
With instant success in Abu Dhabi the Royal family and the senior government figures authorised a massive roll out of this unique style of education. To date IAT have 7 campus locations across the United Arab Emirates with 3 more strategically planned to open in the very near future.
IAT have developed their own Curriculum with the expert help of senior professionals based on the UK National Curriculum and the Vocational education style. This keeps the students engaged and prepares them for their careers by giving them a taste of things to come in their professional careers.
As technology innovates our lives more each day IAT were the first to integrate Apple Education into their curriculum. Furthermore IAT have recently opened a state of the art purpose made iCampus, with a custom made applications for idevices. As each student joins they are given an iPad (thats right given!) to assist them with their education.
The vast majority of the students that attend IAT are local Emirati children aged from 14 through to 18. With Arabic as a first language and English as a second, IAT are truly focused on recruiting teachers who have experience in delivering their subject knowledge to students of ESL and have innovative techniques as the focus is on making sure that the children can apply their knowledge without the language being a barrier.

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