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Housing & Living Expenses - Luxembourg Apply now for international schools jobs and start teaching abroad with overseas adventure.

Starting with Rent, costs in Luxembourg are high and rate at similar costs to the United Kingdom and other wealthy European Economies. For instance, a one bedroom apartment in the city centre will set you back EUR 1,200 ($1700 or £990) while outside the city centre you’ll be looking at a lesser EUR 930 ($1300 or £770). Meanwhile, a three bedroom apartment inside the city centre will cost you EUR 2400 ($3300 or £2000) and outside of the city centre it’ll cost closer to EUR 1700 ($2400 or £1400).

Food is generally cheaper but still somewhat expensive. For example, a litre of water will cost you EUR 6.50 ($9 or £5.30), a meal in a restaurant will cost between EUR 15 and EUR 70 ($21 to $97 or £12 to £58), a litre of milk will set you back EUR 1.10 ($1.50 or £0.90), 500g of bread costs around EUR 1.50 ($2.10 or £1.20) and 12 eggs will cost you around EUR 1.70 ($2.40 or £1.40).

Luxuries are similarly expensive with a litre of beer costing around EUR 2.60 ($3.60 or £2.10), a packet of cigarettes costing around EUR 5 ($6.90 or £4.10) and a bottle of mid-range wine setting you back around EUR 6 ($8.30 or £4.90).