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Kids First Group is a leading education group based in Abu Dhabi that believes in every child getting the best possible start in life.  The group has a combination of Nurseries that deliver:
**The Montessori Curriculum
**The Reggio Emilia Curriculum
In addition to the above some of the nurseries also deliver a bilingual programme to ensure a rich, culture experience to the child from a very young age. Kids First Group is currently expanding its operations around the gulf region. It is in the final stages of launching a leading Montessori nursery in Abu Dhabi. The group currently owns the following nurseries:
**Redwood Nursery
**Kids Cottage
**Lady Bird Nursery
**Willow Children’s Nursery
**Tots Corner Nursery
Redwood Nursery
This is a purpose built nursery and the first of its type in the region. The nursery is committed to delivering the highest standard of Montessori standards in the region so that pre-school children have the skills needed to become independent lifelong learners.
In addition Redwood nursery delivers a dual language programme offering English, Arabic and French to allow parents more choice to send their child here. Taking in to consideration of Feng Shui, the nursery nurtures children to have success in life and healthy relationships.
Kids Cottage
This nursery delivers the highest quality of Early Childhood Education in Dubai. It has a warm, friendly environment and the nursery promotes a safe and happy environment to promote the growth and development of children
Ladybird Nursery
Ladybird nursery is located in Abu Dhabi and delivered the EYFS curriculum from England and Wales. It currently has a potential for 120 students in the nursery and is well furnished to help students grow and develop.
Willow Children's Nursery
At Willow Children's nursery the children are put at the forefront of education to ensure there is physical, cognitive, linguistic, spiritual, social and emotional development taking place.  Willow Children’s nursery delivers the EYFS curriculum and the nursery focuses on: physical development, persona and social development, and communication and language
Tots Corner Nursery
Tots corner was set up in 2002 to deliver high quality education for children aged 12 months to 4 years of age. Learning is promoted through play.  The framework is based on the HighScope approach. This approach allows students to develop their language, self-esteem and confidence.
Kids First Group is fast expanding and this is an exciting organisations caring for young children and looking to be an elite force in the Early Childhood sector
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