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Charities - African Revival

SeekTeachers supports African Revival


African Revival works with a multitude of schools and educational institutions across Zambia and Uganda in situations where travel distance and poverty create barriers to education. Some schools that are supported by African Revival are set up by local communities and run by parents and community figures, and the charity also works with government schools to help improve learning environments. Motivated by providing a better future for their children, these communities have inspired African Revival and today are providing teacher training, livelihoods programmes, funding, supplies, new buildings and infrastructure upgrades.
Many of these schools are located in very remote areas where resources are scarce and funds are limited, many government schemes do not reach these isolated rural communities and as a result many children are completely excluded from education altogether. However, African Revival has managed to bridge the gap, working with district education offices, head teachers and parents to help provide education to enthusiastic young students. 

SeekTeachers Helps build schools in Africa with African Revival!

Through our active Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative, SeekTeachers has proudly partnered with British charity African Revival to help build schools in Uganda and Zambia. We took an interest in Africa because many of our schools recruiting new teachers are located in Zambia, Nigeria, Rwanda and Egypt.

Because 38 million children are not in school in Africa, we want to be “educating the world”. After all, our business is education. 

2013/14 in numbers:  
  • 13 classrooms built or renovated
  • 5 teacher houses constructed
  • 20 toilets constructed
  • 6 girls’ changing and wash room facilities constructed
  • 36 schools involved in school demonstration garden scheme (2,000 parents and 500 pupils involved)
  • 5 schools involved in beekeeping activities in support of education
  • 151 teachers have been trained through African Revival’s teacher training programmes.
African Revival Zambia currently works with 17 schools in the Kalomo District in the south of the country. Focusing on three key development areas, they have delivered new educational opportunities for 7,000 pupils and 150 teachers in the district so far.

African Revival has worked with schools relocating to their original sites after the conflict, in the Acholi region of northern Uganda. In the last nine years we have worked with numerous schools providing infrastructure, classroom resources, educational support and facilities. Their focus is now shifting to improving the quality of education provided in schools across the region – through a varied selection of interventions.

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