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SeekTeachers - MOESherin is an Early Years Education specialist/Lecturer Assessor/International Quality Assurance with years of experience in Vocational Education Development (VET) sectors for early childhood education. 

She is experienced in assessing candidates in the workplace and supporting classroom-based studies. Sherin has a Master's degree from the University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. She gained her 20 years of experience in New Zealand and other countries across The Middle East. She has a track record of achieving proven results in educational projects, teaching, and training in the early childhood field.  

Sherin is a founder of Early Education Development a training and education consultancy firm in the Middle East to raise standards in the field of early childhood Education and childcare.

SeekTeachers - MOEMaliha Baig is an experienced consultant , International trainer and content writer with a demonstrated history of working in the Education Management for over 10 years. Skilled in Quality Assurance, Coaching, Management, learning and development.

Her work consists of teaching in the UK and Educational Consultancy projects in the Middle East . A professional qualifications content writer with UK based publications. Qualified and Certified from UK

SeekTeachers - MOE
Beth Hutchinson
Mind Your

Beth is the go-to when it comes to Mental Health Educators. With a breadth of knowledge spanning over 10 years from the UK, Spain, Thailand, and the UAE, her worldly know-how proves to be nothing short of amazing.

As a Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Early Age Educator, Beth has spent time and time again building bridges with her clients to unearth true joy and learning. As a professional in her field, she doesn’t just coach her clients, she helps transform their experiences to fit the highest versions of themselves. A compassionate and open-hearted guide, Beth’s passions solely do not lie in just doing-the-work, but rather in her response-ability for the work and her clients well-being.