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SeekTeachers - MOEMarcus Cherrill is recognised as a leading advocate of STEAM pedagogy to drive progress in schools. He has been responsible for creating a Centre of Excellence in one local primary (elementary) school and established a widespread network of STEM teachers across the region. He developed the first ever STEM Leaders’ Conference in the UK which provided a forum for over 100 young people to share their solutions to global problems and this has been nominated for STEM Learning UK’s prestigious STEM Inspiration Award (press release attached). Marcus also runs Science Clubs at two local schools and created the unique workshop series, ‘The Art of Science’ with an internationally recognised artist.

Mark is a Dragonfly Trainer


"Marcus was excellent - great rapport; excellent manner - brought the best out of everyone. Prior to sessions during them (and hopefully after) he has been open to ideas, happy to share and discuss and adapt to our needs."
Headteacher - The British School of Nanjing

"Marcus is a fabulous presenter, great pace, humour, relevant material and amenable to ideas proposed in the lead up to the course. (Middle element rather lacked direction half way, through no feedback.) Three hour session worked effectively it brought the team together cohesively."
Headteacher - Prince's Mead Independent Prep School, Hampshire, UK

"A lot of fantastic ideas. Loved it! I feel excited about putting ideas into practice."
Head of English, The British School of Valencia, Spain

"Marcus was amazing - funny, engaging, an excellent public speaker. Every section was useful and the pace of the day was perfect."
Head of Global Languages - Nord Anglia International School Shanghai

"What an outstanding training course. Marcus delivered a useful, informative and engaging session every day and I feel like I have so many ideas to use in the classroom."
Head of Year - British School of Alzira, Spain