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Al Salam School is a leading national school located in the north of Bahrain delivering the UK Curriculum. The school was opened in 2003 by a group of successful business men from Bahrain who are hoping to increase the education in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The school is owned by Bahrain Khair Educational Services BSC.
The vision of the school was to become a recognized organisation in Bahrain who is helping the younger generation become more successful in their future lives. They also wanted to ensure that the school was multicultural and facilitates all nationalities. They have remained a high standard towards education and are slowly climbing up the ranks to becoming one of the top schools in the whole of Bahrain. 
School Facilities include of:
Large Multipurpose school hall
School Field 
Full size Football pitches
Indoor Swimming pool
Science Laboratories
ICT Suits
As an international school in Bahrain it is extremely competitive, but this has not proven a problem for this amazing international school. It currently enrols over 1200 students 30% of which are international. This would tend to cause a problem with some schools but because of the professionalism of the trained teachers everything seems to flow nicely. The school is currently catering for around 60 different nationalities including all of the native English spoken countries such as United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. 
The schools staffs are advised to ensure that they help the child in become mature adults throughout their years in Bahrain. They are trained to build self-esteem, provide them with guidance and many ways to keep them motivated. Currently the school has just over 150 staff including Support staff, Teachers and Management. The average classroom consist over around 20/25 students.

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