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Opening in 1985, the International Montessori School uses the Montessori pedagogical theory, developed by Italian Physician & Educator Maria Montessori, to help students develop more effectively during their time in education. The theory practices independence for the student, respect for the natural social, physical and psychological development of the student, and the ideology of ‘freedom within limits’. The school is located in Gregorio Benitez Street in Parque Conde de Orgaz, Madrid, Spain, and has several easy access routes including EMT bus lines 115, 114 and 70 but also from Metro Line 4 and Arturo Soria.
The school offers three stages of education including Pre-school education to children between 3 and 6 years old, Compulsory Primary Education (EPO) for students between six and twelve years old, and Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) for students between twelve and sixteen years old. Being trilingual, the school’s classes are taught in English, Spanish and French to help encourage their students to take up new languages. The International Montessori School believes that every single person has the right to equal education opportunities and through this main principle believes in motivating their students to new heights, allowing all students equal access to the school. The school comes fully equipped and facilitated with a Library, a computer room with an ADSL internet connection, a piano and music room, a gym, a kitchen, a science lab, several technology classrooms, a dance hall and courts for basketball and tennis.
Although school times may vary greatly depending on the year and class of the student, there is an extended hours service allowing students to stay and study in the school between the times of 7:30am to 6:15pm. 

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