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Family Status

This is an important aspect to consider when look at the options available to you.  While you may be super excited about decided on teaching overseas, you family status could have an impact on how likely you are to get a an overseas job.  Here I will be covering some pointers that you should go through and mentally tick off in your head to know you’re the right fit.  Its important for you to view that not all schools are family friendly and can make a decision based on your family status and how much or little it costs them to employ you.  Here is a general breakdown:

Single Teachers

The perfect fit for any school.  Easy to accommodate and less cost to the school.  Single Teachers should have no difficulty in finding an international job or being made multiple offers.  Another reason singles are favoured is because near the end of the recruitment period schools are keen to fill the slots so single candidates in general are more flexible and have less or virtually no commitments.  
If you are single teacher with a child, this may prove slightly more challenging.  You would need to check if the salary can cover the cost of you and your child.
Another important point to take note of is the country you want to work in, its religion, culture and any traditions it has.  A single female wanting to work in the Middle East may find it difficult because it there are still traditions where men are seen as the bread earners.   Female teachers are forbidden to drive in Saudi Arabia.  

Non-Married Teaching Couples

If you are a teaching non-married couple without dependants you should again do your homework on the country and its cultural trends.  While it may be ok to cohabitate in Asia the same rule may not apply say in the Middle East.  If you are insistent on living together as a couple and want to work in the Middle East, it would be best to apply as individuals rather than as a couple. The reason for this is that cohabitating out of wedlock is forbidden by the country and its religion and you could find yourself in a tricky situation if caught.  This does not mean to say non-married couples do not live and work in the Middle East, they do.  It just comes down to the school and who is sponsoring you for entering.  Some Head Teachers do turn a blind eye but again they will tell you that if you are caught it is at your own risk.
If you are a non-married teaching couple with dependants you will need to get in early with your application to be the first pick of the cherry as it gets more and more difficult near the end of the recruitment period  
If you are a non-married couple where only one person is the teacher, you could be appealing to a school as there is no additional cost of children to cater for.  
If you have children you really do have to consider if your salary would cover living cost and tuition fees for you to get by.  You would need to check with the school and the salary package it offers you to see if it’s feasible.  From a schools perspective you would be seen as too expensive to cater for, with little return i.e. remuneration package including visa applications and in return school only get use of one person, the teacher.
Again you will need to keep note about the traditions of the country and how they perceive coming into the country as a couple out of wedlock. 

Married Teaching Couples

Married teaching couples have more variety then non-married teaching couples.  If you have no dependants you would be seen as valuable as a single teacher applying.  This means that from a schools perspective they get two for the price of one, in the sense that, they will pay you both your salaries but only have to pay for one living arrangement.  Married teaching couples also would be able to apply freely in places like the Middle East as you conform to the country, its laws and religious beliefs. 
Married teaching couples with children will again find it difficult based on the number of children. If it's one or two you should be ok as most schools can provide tuition for at least 1 child and then either a full or partial discount for the second child.  Check again the schools salary package when it comes to how many children they can accommodate before you end up having to pay out of your salary.
Married teaching couples with no children where only person is the teacher, can be fairly attractive to the school.  Such couples should get their applications in early.  Schools will make note of other factors like that age of the couple in deciding whether to take you on.  If for example the male is the teacher and the wife has done some administrative work previously there could be a job at the school also.  You would need to discuss this with the employer or recruiter when applying.

Same-Gender Couples (Married or Non-Married)

It's important to note that in some parts of the world homosexuality is illegal.  If you fall under this category, it is important that you inform your SeekTeachers consultant so that he/she can best advise you of the options that are available to you.
Note:  SeekTeachers is an equal opportunities international teacher recruitment consultancy.  We do not discriminate by gender, sexuality, age, religion, creed or colour.  Any specific requirements are directly from the employer.