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Beijing Collegiate Academy is located in the Chaoyang District in Beijing, China.
The curriculum used in the school is a combination of the Canadian curriculum and key parts of the Chinese curriculum. The school teaches primarily in both English and Chinese. The school’s personal mission statement is to recognize each child as unique, creative and intelligent by respecting the needs of their children and fostering a safe, caring and creative learning environment. Across Beijing Collegiate Academy’s 34,000 square metre campus, facilities include SmartBoard technology and Wi-Fi in all classrooms, a cafeteria, ICT rooms, a primary school playground, two libraries, three soccer fields and four music rooms. A swimming pool, a gymnasium with an indoor running track, an auditorium seating 350 with a black box theatre and several basketball courts will soon join these facilities. 

In order to help drive focus and determination in their students, Beijing Collegiate Academy offers a range of activities including field trips, charity work, community services and other clubs. The after school programs allows students to become engaged in Drama, Tae Kwon Do, Dance, Chinese Painting & Calligraphy, Football, Tennis, Piano, Art, Drums and much more. 

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