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Honey Bee Nursery is based in City Walk, Dubai and is the sister Nursery of Bumblebee Nursery based in Sharjah which first started in July 2008 by the founder and Principal, Sally Al Shakarchi who ensured that a well environment is provided to bring children to an expanding educational and progress setting; and the same high level of standard will be provided at nursery in Dubai.

Honey bee Nursery is a latest nursery catering for the ages 18 months up to 4 years old. The location is unique and stylish which makes it attractive to parents as well as the atmosphere of the nursery is very welcoming and fun for the kids, so they can enjoy their time while learning.

HBN followers Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to ensure children learn and progress in a safe, healthy environment. EYSF provides 7 stages of learning which is crucial for children to gain the right knowledge and be able to utilise these skills throughout the school life.

The 7 stages consist of:

· Personal, Social & Emotional Development - children become more confident and communicate comfortably with peers; adults and build positive relations.

· Language and Communication - is encouraged through story telling sessions, role-plays, videos/short films and play-based facility.

· Physical development - is endorsed in both outside and indoor play areas where chances for children to gain a good body control and reinforce gross and fine motor skills is accessible.

· Literacy - is combined in all provision. Children learn to understand simple picture based story books and they start mark making to show their understanding.

· Mathematics -  is also combined in all provision. Children learn to sort, distinguish and recognise basic shapes, sizes, weights, colours and quantities. They also learn number values and the symbols which represent numbers to make them comprehend effectively.

· Expressive Arts and Design - is promoted through a wide variety of media. Children are helped to experiment arts and craft activities, role-play and pretend-play. Our music sessions grow good communicative arts skills in children.

· Understanding of the World - children learn to explore their atmosphere and progress a stronger understanding of the world through role-play and theme based activities.

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