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Weather, Climate & Holidays

Weather & Climate

Malaysia has a typically equatorial climate, holding a humid and hot condition during the entirety of the year. The temperature has ranged between 7.8 degrees Centigrade (46 degrees Fahrenheit) and 40.1 degrees Centigrade (104.2 degrees Fahrenheit), which averages out to 27 degrees Centigrade (80.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Rainfall typically averages at around 2500mm a year but has been as low as 608mm and as high as 5,687mm. The usually large amount of rainfall is due to two monsoon seasons that lead to large downpours of rain every year.


Ranging wildly in culture and featuring a vivid variety of exhibits and activities, the locations across the region vary greatly, below are some of the best places to stay whilst seeking out these unique events:

The Shangri-La Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is located in the centre of the city but behaves very much like a hidden paradise. Utilizing a range of styles and natural shapes, the hotel has been designed for that much-needed getaway and features masterfully-prepared cuisine and an amazing view across the city.

The Majestic in Malacca features a range of activities and events including a spa village for that desired pampering session, the hotel itself is situated in the heart of Malacca and has been designed with both Western and Chinese influences in mind.

Often called the ‘new breed of Heritage Boutique Hotel’, Campbell House in Georgetown utilizes a truly sophisticated style and service to ensure that every one of its residents is made to feel special during their stay. Furthermore, the hotel’s rooms have been designed to be extremely comfortable and welcoming.

Designed to mimic that resort getaway that you’ve always wanted, Casa del Mar (Spanish: Home by the Sea) in Langkawi is based right on the foot of the beach and incorporates a wide array of dining options as well as quick and easy access to a range of surrounding airports, cafes and restaurants.

Chic, slick and absolutely beautifully designed with a kick, the Hotel Eden 54 features a contemporary westernized stylization and utilizes the vibe of the city to welcome its guests subtly into each and every one it its rooms, giving the whole hotel a wide sense of luxury and refinement.

The Seven Terraces Hotel in Penang has been widely inspired by an ancient oriental style and has much of its style influenced by Ancient China, the lobby, for example, features heavy symmetry to represent balance but ensures to keep a distinctive degree of curvature through natural means to simulate flow.

Another beautiful boutique beauty and this time located in the heart of Kuching, the Lime Tree Hotel boasts an eco-friendly reputation and utilizes a welcoming contemporary design whilst retaining a powerful sensation of luxury. The hotel features over fifty rooms and suits equipped with completely free Wi-Fi internet in every room and throughout the hotel.

A true tropical paradise in every sense of the phrase, the Rimba Resort of Malaysia is the ideal place to kick back and relax while you enjoy your vacation and take part in the events going on throughout the day, these include snorkelling and diving but the more laid back individual might prefer to just pick up a cocktail and relax on the beach.

With the surrounding area incredibly rich in Malay culture, the Renaissance Kota Bharu Hotel helps to balance out the quota with a distinctive western metropolitan style and the city’s only five star rating. The hotel is additionally located in the city’s centre for quick access to Kota Bharu’s shopping and commercial district as well as the nearby airport.

Truly sublime and borderline fantastical, the Banjaran Hot Springs Retreat utilizes purely natural hot springs for incredible spa treatments and relaxation sessions. The hotel also offers massage services, private pools, hot tubs, a wellness centre and much, much more.