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Safety, Security, Crime & Emergency Numbers

Crime in Malaysia is comparable to developed western nations and may manifest in forms most frequent as corruption, money laundering, murder, drug trafficking, fraud and black marketeering.

It’s most frequently used as a destination, supply and transit point for women and children used for sexual exploitation and in the last decade over forty thousand women were arrested for prostitution in the country. People in general are also used in human trafficking for work as labourers in the region.

Drug trafficking is another common problem, especially concerning heroin and as a result the crime is punishable by death as an attempt to dissuade traffickers away from the practice. Crimes against tourists are typically more minor with common crimes being pickpocketing, burglaries, credit card fraud and vehicle theft being the most frequent. Scams in Kuala Lumpur are rampant and usually involve card games and the purchase of jewellery.

Corruption is the last issue the country faces crime-wise but it is still less common than most other countries in the South East Asian region with only Singapore being considered less corrupt by Transparency International. Malaysia also frequently suffers from corporate fraud and counterfeit IT, automobile and currency production.

Emergency Numbers

  • Civil Defence – 991
  • Police / Ambulance – 999 (Landline) 112 (Mobile)
  • Fire / Rescue – 994 (Landline) / 112 (Mobile)
  • Tourist Police – 03 2149 6590
  • National Poison Centre – 04 657 0099