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All across the country the diverse population specializes in a brilliant blend of competitive, creative and other societies and clubs, below are some of the most notable:

The Persatuan Senifoto Petaling Jaya (Photographic Society of Petaling Jaya) is based in the venue of the same name and celebrates over 25 years of incredible activity with events being run throughout the year for newbie to veteran photographers alike.

One of the very oldest scuba diving clubs in Malaysia after being formed in Kuala Lumpur in 1959, the Malayan Sub Aqua Club (MSAC) is completely non-profit and promotes conservation of the environment, running regular classes for members of all skill levels.

Like to fly solo or with a group? With the Johor Flying Club you’ll always be able to join a good group of friends as you soar through the skies, up through the clouds and on into the great blue beyond.

The Football Association of Malaysia is responsible for maintaining a variety of clubs spread throughout the region as well as organizing competitions, matches and leagues during the course of the year.

Maybe you prefer your full-on-body-contact sports? The Cobra Rugby Club has been assembled to run premiere Rugby events through the region of Malaysia and have rallied an impressive number of members behind them.

The Asian Cricket Council is known for their regular events that take place during the year as well as organizing the country’s top teams and readying them for the world stage ahead.

How about a song and dance for your troubles? The Penang Players are one of the top music and drama societies within the region of Penang and have regular plays and theatre productions.

The Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) is the country’s oldest and largest non-government environmental society and actually predates the country’s independence. Each year they are responsible for a wide variety of events and activities open to their members.

Even the Chopin Society has a chapter in Malaysia, the Chopin Society of Malaysia celebrates the life and works of Frederic Chopin, pays tribute to this truly talented historical musician and is a part of the International Federation of Chopin Societies.