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Bringing Children & Pets

Children below two years old do not require their own seat on most airlines but you will still be typically charged around 10% of an adult ticket for their travel with you, additionally only one child per adult is allowed to travel in this way. Children must also obtain a VISA the same way adults do at the same costs.

Fish, Cats and Dogs are allowed to be imported into Malaysia provided the following conditions are met:

1. An Import Permit must be obtained from the Malaysia Department of Veterinary Services.
2. An Export Permit must be obtained from the country of origin.
3. A Health Certificate must be obtained for the animal from your local vet.

The following breeds of dog are banned:

Ame / Pit Bull
Ame / Pit Bull Terrier
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Ame / Bull Dog
Dogo Argentino
Filo Braziliero
Japanese Tosa

The following breeds of dog are restricted by can be imported through certain terms and conditions:

  • Bull Mastiff
  • Bull Terrier
  • Doberman
  • German Shepherd / Alsatian
  • Canary Dog
  • Rottweiler
The pet should be stored in a container strong enough to withstand force from other possible luggage and big enough to allow the animal to stand up, turn around and lie down as well as being well ventilated on at least three sides, complete with food and water troughs or attached to the container. Upon arrival the pet will be held in quarantine for an undisclosed period of time.