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Club, Pub & Nightlife

The Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur is an area which comes to life especially at night, with so much to do including a range of street performers, painters and coffee shops, you’ll kick yourself if you miss it during your travels!

The Night Market in Penang, also known as the Sidewalk Bazaar, opens up as early as 6pm but bases the opening time off of the time of the sunset and sells a range of goods from clothes to souvenirs to food.

For a truly mystical night out, Bangsar in Kuala Lumpur is the idea destination. This beach club features amazing live bands and outputs an amazing atmosphere throughout the evening.

The Hard Rock Café in Kuala Lumpur has been based around Western styles and features European beer, American food and some of the very best most relaxed atmosphere across the length of the entire city.

Ideal for that midnight stroll, the Jalan P. Ramlee area in Kuala Lumpur springs into life as soon as the late night sets in with dancers across the street, music booming out of the bars and nightclubs in the area and all sorts of unique fashion styles exhibited throughout the location.

With four rooms and an abundantly large dance floor, the Zouk Club in Kuala Lumpur often has some of the top artists from across the world performing and regularly exhibits break-dancers, a wild atmosphere and a truly unique night out.

Little Havana in Kuala Lumpur is more for the dedicated dance individual with quick-paced dance steps of the salsa at the ready throughout the week and around the clock. This high-speed dancing stage club is also home to some of the country’s top Salsa dancers.

Luna Bar in Kuala Lumpur is situated near the top of the PanGlobal Skyscraper and is guaranteed to give you an amazing view of the whole city, the bar itself stocks a range of drinks and the connected club plays numbers from around the world.

Another bar with an astounding view, the SkyBar in Kuala Lumpur is located on the top of the Traders Hotel and incorporates some of the best views from across the city into its night time atmosphere. The bar stocks a range of drinks and mixes some of the most unique cocktails in the region.

Nouvo in Kuala Lumpur incorporates both a dance club upstairs for those that like to party and move to a funky beat as well as the Sangria Bar downstairs for a more relaxed evening away from the hustle and bustle.