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Phone Lines, Internet & Communications

Phone Lines

There are over 4.5 million main Telephone lines in use with around 29 million Mobile phones in use. Domestic communications are provided via a microwave relay within the region and two satellites are used for international communications as well as submarine cables stretching to India, Hong Kong and Singapore. The biggest telephone companies in Malaysia are DiGi, U Mobile, Maxis, TM Berhad, Celcom P1 WiMax and YES 4G.


There are over 17 million Internet users in the country with over four million Dial-up connections and over two million Broadband connections. ISPs include Yes 4G, AMAX, DeConneXion, Packet One, Time, TM NET, Nasionet, PersiaSYS, JARING and Maxis Communications. The top level domain is .my.


There are over four million TVs in the region with around thirty active broadcasting stations live, these include the free channels TV1, TV2, TV3, ntv7, TV Alhijirah and 8TV & TV9 (only in West Malaysia), as well as the paid channels Vision Four, Astro, MiTV, Fine TV, DeTV, Hypp.TV and

There are also over ten million radio stations in the region on shortwave 5, FM 31 and AM 56 supporting over two thousand amateur radio stations.