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Starting with their roots firmly in education well over twenty years ago, the Rafflesia International School is operated smoothly by the Rafflesia Education Group board of governors and has been developed to help young individuals develop knowledge and an inquisitive nature whilst learning to respect the individualism and ability exhibited by others. The group works in two unique schools in Malaysia in Puchong, about 7 kilometres from Cyberjaya, and Kajang, around 25 kilometres from KLCC.
The two schools both teach the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the National Curriculum of English (NCE) but integrate these curricula heavily with an ICT skillset. English is used at all levels to teach and English Second Language courses are used to help teach those who do not have English as a primary language. The school practices a Holistic Education philosophy which helps to encourage students to strive towards academic excellence but also foster respect, integrity, compassion and other fundamentally important values.

Facilities included at the schools include a Badminton Court, a Basketball Court, a Squash Court, a Volleyball Court, a Gymnasium, a Swimming Pool, a Football Field, a Tennis Court, Medical Facilities, an IT Support Centre, a Bookshop, a Cafeteria, Music Rooms, a Lecture Hall & Ampitheatre and fully air-conditioned classrooms, workshops and laboratories. The school also utilizes a school-wide WiFi hotspot for instant internet access and is surrounded by over five acres of green land. 

Specifically tailored to help encourage students to develop interests, hobbies and fresh skillsets, the schools both include an astounding variety of clubs and co-curricular activities and have been said to help develop teamwork, leadership skills, physique, social capabilities, discipline and responsibility. Clubs and activities supported by the school include clubs surrounding ICT, Languages, Speech, Drama, Music, Debating & Public Speaking, Outdoor Expeditions, Sports and Environmental Activities. 

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