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The Safeguarding Alliance Awards


SeekTeachers has partnered with The Safeguarding Alliance as we believe in 'educating the world' and offer institutions the expertise to safeguarding to ensure a safe environment for children and young people. Our education Trainers are experts in the field that have proven knowledge to encourage teachers to become outstanding Educators.

The Safeguard Awards recognize, highlight and celebrate the achievements of organizations in promoting and maintaining exceptional protection practices. The prestigious Safeguarding Alliance awards show a school-wide approach to incorporating a culture of class protection best practices.

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  1. Ensuring anyone working with children and yound people are appropriate to do so.


  1. Ensuring safeguarding underpins every aspect of practice.


  1. Ensuring policies remain living documents representing practice that are reviewed regularly.


  1. Ensuring the organisation works together in keeping children and young people safe.


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