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Weather & Climate

China’s landscape is far and wide, varying greatly across the region from tropical beaches to dense forest and jungle life as well as large deserts and huge glaciers plateaus on mountain tops. The wildlife is considered some of the most diverse in the world with creatures such as the Giant Panda, the country’s icon, within its boundaries.

This huge variation in landscape, fauna and flora is reflective of the even wider variety of weather conditions and climate in the region, with the northern lands dropping down to -52.3 degrees Centigrade (-62.1 degrees Fahrenheit) during the winter months and the southern lands rising as high as 50.2 degrees Centigrade (122.4 degrees Fahrenheit) during the summer months. Sunshine duration varies too, with less than 1100 hours a year in parts of Sichuan and Chongqing to over 3400 hours in Qinghai. Typically speaking, the further north you are, the sunnier yet colder it will be. Meanwhile the rainfall over the region tends to be shifted a little with the south-east receiving as high as 1500mm of rain a year whilst the north-west tends to receive less than 100mm a year.


All over China there are popular tourist hotspots and vacation destinations, below we look at some of the top hotels across the country:

The Emperor Beijing Forbidden City has been decked out with a smooth modern style featuring vibrant colours, clean whites and gorgeously suave curves all over. It entails a twenty-four-hour butler service for each and every room and includes a rooftop restaurant full of stunning views.

Built into Beijing’s World Trade Centre Complex, the Shangri-la China World Summit Wing overlooks the entire city and utilizes a strong contemporary style inspired by traditional Victorian décor and colour schemes. The hotel also includes a twenty-four-hour gym, a spa and four restaurants.

The SSAW Hotel in Shanghai has been placed perfectly within the heart of the city and is just a few minutes’ walk away from Yu Garden, the local metro station, the Bund and Lujiazui Financial District. The rooms each feature a usual western style but the lobbies are decorated with a much more dedicated Asian style.

Gateway to Xintiandi in Shanghai, also known as the city’s entertainment centre, the Langham Xintiandi features a delectable delicatessen, Chuan Spa and a twenty-five-meter indoor pool, the hotel has been rated five stars numerous times for a reason. Guests can enjoy highly modern yet simply styled rooms for a touch of class during their stay. 

Meanwhile in Guangzhou, the Oakwood Premier holds spa treatments, a semi-sheltered pool and a twenty-four-hour gym within its walls as well as a private sauna and free internet for its many rooms. The hotel has a beautiful view of the city and each room features full kitchen facilities, a flat screen TV and a living room. 

Five-stars and located in the city centre, the Four Seasons Hotel in Guangzhou features an indoor pool, hot tubs and seven different options for dinner. Each room has been fitted with free Wi-Fi and a smooth style, complete with contrasting vibrant colours and a dedicated Asian motif.

The Shenzhen Kaili Hotel has been designed for high class and provides a luxury-level spa service, free high-speed internet and several entertainment options including access to its very own Gold Coast Spa Club, allowing the use of the sauna, water jet massages and one of several steam baths.

Also based in Shenzhen is the Ritz-Carlton and the hotel speaks volumes of luxurious living, including an outdoor pool and seven dining options, as well as a beautifully rich style and contemporary décor. Each room features a large flat-screen satellite TV and a DVD player as well as a minibar and a free daily paper.

Featuring a fitness center, free parking and free internet access Citadines Central Xi’an is located in the heart of the city and entails many modern lobbies with a distinctive Asian décor motif. The rooms themselves come with laundry and dry cleaning services as well as a kitchenette and a cable TV.

Sofitel Xian On Renmin Square has been designed with a unique contemporary style in mind. The rooms are incredibly spacious and have been stylized for a sense of clarity and peace, ensuring you’ll always have a good night’s sleep. The hotel also features three bars and four restaurants and easy access to Xianyang International Airport and Xian Station.