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Phone Lines, Internet & Communications

Phone Lines

China has almost 300 million telephone lines in use and houses over a billion mobile phone subscribers, all on country code 86. The telecommunications in the country are vast and have seen over 300 million text messages get sent every year.


With the country’s domain name as .cn, there are three ISPs in the country with over half a billion subscribers and over 13.5 million hosts. Of these half billion subscribers over 365 million of them utilize a Broadband connection and there is estimated to be over 53 billion computers in the country at roughly four per person.

Recently due to the new building work around the country, the nation’s ISP’s have taken the opportunity to begin laying fibre optic cables to increase the average broadband speed from the current speed at 1mb/s.  

It is important to note that most forms of social media and most video viewing websites in China are banned and blocked by the ISPs.


There are an estimated 450 million Radios in China and the country hosts its own radio stations on AM 369, FM 259 and Shortwave 45. Television companies number over 360 and broadcast stations are at around 3500, but within the country’s population itself, around 500 million TV’s are owned.