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Club, Pub & Nightlife

China features a variety of nightlife with the cities of Beijing and Shanghai as hotspots for bars, pubs and clubs. You don’t have to look far in the region to find a buzzing atmosphere, a cold drink and a good night out.

Featuring a club, a cocktail lounge and a restaurant, M1NT in Shanghai features a unique contemporary style complete with a shark tank right by the entryway to the area, the club also features private access for VIPs and a priority access for registered members.

Bar Rouge, also in Shanghai, features a wondrously spectacular view of the riverside skyline as well as a chic modern stylization all around the club, developed to mimic the high life of Shanghai’s deep nightlife scene.

Featuring both a bar and lounge, the Moroccan-styled Babarossa has been situated next to a small lake inside Central Peoples Park and is known to host many of Asia’s top DJs on each of its three floors.

Featuring a brilliant American Metropolis theme and hosting a range of DJs and theme nights including Live Jazz, Swinging and Disco music, The Apartment in Shanghai has been modelled to help American and European expatriates feel at home during their time in China.

Fitted with a vibrant wall-to-wall sea-water fish tank, this Japanese sushi bar and restaurant has been designed to stimulate a relaxed atmosphere, it’s in the name, Aquarium.

Lush Bar in Beijing serves beautifully-mixed cocktails seven days a week and exhibits a variety of events and theme evenings. Since it’s opening in 2003, Lush has been mainly targeted towards students but non-students do commonly make appearances there.

Suzy’s Lounge Bar in Shenzhen has been fitted with a retro design to give off an exclusively unique American 50’s atmosphere, complete with pool tables, TVs and a well-staffed bar from 5pm into the early hours of the night.

An excellent Sports Bar in Shenzhen, the X-TA-SEA Sports Bar & Restaurant has been designed to appeal to a range of Western audiences and is stocked with a variety of European and American beers, ciders, ales, stouts and many others, as well as meals to compliment.

Another European-themed venue, the Abbey Road Café, Bar & Food features outdoor tables with shaded umbrellas and is always fully stocked with a wide array of European alcohol types as well as complimenting meals.

Highly modern yet fantastically stylish, the Zinc Café Bar serves a wide variety of drinks and hosts all sorts of nights exhibiting an even wider variety of music from all over the world.