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Housing & Living Expenses

Living costs in China are incredibly cheap and you’ll find that money is easily conserved within this country. For example, a meal at a restaurant will cost you between CNY 20.00-70.00 (about $3.30-11.60 or £2.00-7.10), a litre of water costs around CNY 6.60 (about $1.10 or £0.70), 500kg of bread costs around CNY 10.30 ($1.70 or £1.00), a litre of milk costs about CNY 12.80 ($2.10 or £1.30) and twelve eggs costing around CNY 11.70 ($1.90 or £1.20).

Monthly rent is just as cheap in the city centre and even cheaper outside of there, in the city centre a one-bedroom apartment will cost you around CNY 3700 ($610 or £380) whilst outside of the city you’ll be paying CNY 2100 ($350 or £210), a three-bedroom apartment is also reflective of this, with the city centre costing around CNY 8100 ($1300 or £820) and outside the city centre being around CNY 4600 ($760 or £470).