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Clubs & Organizations

The United Arab Emirates contains a multitude of various clubs, societies and organizations which are widespread all throughout the region. These clubs include photography, reading, music and a wide variety of sports, below are some notable ones.

The Emirates Photography Club includes over a thousand members and has held a multitude of meet-ups and days out since its founding in September 2011, photography enthusiasts should be sure to check this one out!

The Compassionate Living Reading & Discussion Group holds meet-ups which are few and far between but discusses the nature of life and how to live in a more compassionate way. Ideal for the philosopher in you!

Well known for their friendliness, the Abu Dhabi Choral Group is famous for their productions being centred around non-traditional and multicultural music which makes them incredibly unique in their own right.

The Abu Dhabi Football League is the only amateur league in the entirety of the UAE that is also officially sanctioned by the UAE Football Association and includes a huge multitude of teams. Matches are regularly scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays at 9pm in Zayed Sports City.

Ajman Club is the sole football club within the Ajman emirate and the team has its own training grounds in Ajman Football Stadium.

Freestyle Divers are located at the Royal Beach Hotel in Dibba and organize a variety of dives throughout the year as well as diving courses which range from the most inexperienced beginner to the sharpest professional.

Organizing events which promote art education and art appreciation, the Emirates Fine Art Society based in Sharjah is responsible for many workshops, lectures and seminars every year from some of the world’s top artists in nearly every medium.

Many international groups also have branches in the UAE including the Royal Aeronautical Society which is responsible for a range of aerospace-related events each and every single year.

Golf is thriving all throughout the Emirates and as such it now has its own golf society which will help to regulate the sport throughout the region and organize both casual and competitive events.

Do you just want to ride your bicycle? Just want to ride your bike? Why not try the Dubai Roadsters who organize a plethora of cycling events, competitions and the like every single year, these include club rides, training rides and even tours through the desert.